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Building Tech Forum

Post Venture East Kickoff Meeting


11.16.2022 1:00PM - 2:30PM


InterContinental 100 Chopin Plaza Miami, FL 33131

Keying on the content of our Buildings Conference, BuiltWorlds is proud to launch a new forum dedicated to anything and everything Building Technology. The official launch of this new forum will be in person on the afternoon of the second day of Venture East.

The goal of this ongoing forum will be to foster connections between forum participants, learn about upcoming technologies and trends in buildings, and discuss challenges building technologists face. The Building Tech forum will include, but will not be limited to; building contractors, developers, material and product suppliers, and building tech startups.

The Buildings Tech Forum will be an opportunity for members to discuss their thoughts on a variety of topics.

Some example topics will be:

  • What does the future building look like?
  • How to improve current buildings?
  • How to build with modular or offsite technologies?
  • How to build more sustainable buildings?

To be included in the first official Building Tech Forum please register below:


Tyler Sewall

Senior Director, BuiltWorlds

Bernd Oswald

Co-Founder, VP Business Development, GROPYUS

Josh Lowe

Co-Founder, AkitaBox

Carlos Arnaiz

Founding Principal, CAZA

Prabhakar Karri

Director, Andersen Corporation

Building Tech Forum Meeting Agenda

Below is a high-level agenda for the Building Tech Forum Meeting.

Day 1 Schedule

1:00PM – 1:15PM

Forum Introduction

Tyler Sewall

- Establishment of building tech forum topics and goals
- Overview of BuiltWorlds building tech specialty areas
- Description of associated research efforts, calls, and events


Building Tech Forum Experts Panel

As part of the conversation around building technology, this panel will introduce innovative products, discuss the market for technology, and answer audience questions on how the built world can continue to innovate and adopt key solutions driving buildings into the future.

Gropyus - Bernd Oswald, Co-Founder
AkitaBox – Josh Lowe, Co-Founder
Carlos Arnaiz Architects – Carlos Arnaiz, Founding Principal
Prabhakar “KP” Karri – Director, Andersen Ventures+


Forum Discussion

- Member introductions and open roundtable discussion
- Open feedback and commentary on forum topics, structure, and research efforts

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