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E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum

Learning from Unsuccessful Tech Adoption


3.20.2023 12:00PM - 2:00PM


WeWork San Francisco 415 Mission St, Room 38A San Francisco, CA 94105

As contractor tech adoption and innovation departments become smarter and more established, there is now an abundant historical record of pilot programs, product demos, tech implementations, and other work to look back on. In looking at these past projects, some exceed all expectations, some meet expectations, and many fall short. In this forum meeting about tech adoption, we will learn from Tristen, Henning, and Tyler with DPR Construction about how they learn from those instances where innovation initiatives do not meet expectations, and how they seek to increase the efficiency and success of these projects moving forward.


About the Forum

This is a private forum for the technologists leading tech adoption and change management initiatives in their engineering and construction companies to share best practices, dialogues around the BuiltWorlds construction technology research and explore best practices with each other. Access to this forum is restricted to BuiltWorlds’ members leading technology initiatives at Engineering and Construction Companies. Click here to learn more about our Forums or email staff@builtworlds.com for details on how to join!


Tristen Magallanes

Research & Development Leader, DPR Construction

Henning Roedel

Innovation Team, DPR Construction

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