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June Smart Cities Call


6.23.2021 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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6/23 2021 10am CT.

Smartphones mean technology is more ubiquitous now more than ever in daily life. Smart City Technology uses technology to streamline data regarding city operations from its physical infrastructure (e.g., traffic lights, dam monitoring) digitally to the pockets of their citizens. Making city infrastructure data available to citizens enabling them to make smarter decisions, improving the quality of urban living.

Use cases for these technologies hold promise to ease traffic jams, improve recycling and sustainability initiatives, enhance social connectedness, relay health and crime updates, etc. Real-time alerts mean people can make decisions based on data rather than using intuition on how to navigate these dense human city centers. These physical devices connected to an IoT network allow cities to lower service costs for utilities, navigate urban flow, and increase contact between local governments and citizens.

Learn more on how municipalities are successfully implementing these technologies to enrich the quality of living for their citizens from BuiltWorlds’ Smart City Technology topics.

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Bob Mazer

Founder, Smart City Works

Ilan Zachar

CTO, Carr Properties

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