2018 Adoption Leaders 50 List

Following the success of last years Adoption Leaders Top List, we put a call out to our community for nominations for the 2018 List. Individuals were able to nominate themselves or their peers who are not only champions of technology within their organizations but leaders who stepped into newly created roles that exist today as the result of increased tech adoption — and we had quite the list to choose from as these positions are becoming increasingly more common across AEC-RE companies today.

*List appears in alphabetical order

Didn’t make the list? Know an individual that deserves to be included? We know we can’t find everyone in the space, so please apply to be considered for our future lists on the Adoption Leaders 50 Home Page.

1. Julien Bourcerie

Company: Bouygues Construction
Job Title: Startup Acceleration Manager

Julien leads what they like to call the Google X of Bouygues Construction. They develop their Shared Innovation baseline with startups and employees by shaking ideas, testing them, turning them into businesses, and creating value. He specialties in Corporate Venture Capital, experimentation, intrapreneurship, and innovation acceleration.


2. David Bowcott

Company: Aon
Job Title: Global Director, Growth, Innovation & Insight – Global Construction & Infrastructure Group

David oversees growth strategy for Aon GCIG worldwide. To fuel global growth, Aon has given him jurisdiction over generating innovation and insights for Aon’s clients, using the market-leading volume of business Aon transacts within the construction and infrastructure sector. His primary focus is utilizing his position to develop industry-leading tools and methodologies for enabling clients to achieve optimal risk profiles for their projects and their operations. These tools and methodologies are housed within four areas: contractual advisory, operational advisory, technology advisory, and risk finance advisory and brokerage.


3. Mark Bruce

Company: Autodesk
Job Title: Global BIM Manager

Mark joined the Autodesk team as Global BIM Manager in July 2018. He leverages his over 15 years of progressively responsible experience in real estate development, architecture, and construction in both design and project management to bring immediate value across multiple business functions including leadership, design management, business development, creativity and innovation, strategy, and operations.

Mark Bruce Autodesk

4. David Burns

Company: McCarthy Holdings, Inc.
Job Title: Director of Innovation and Field Applications

David is responsible for leading McCarthy’s national innovation program, including the execution of best practice research, prioritization, incubation, and scaling of new, value-added technology solutions. He supports McCarthy’s field application team in establishing core technology systems and processes that drive efficient project execution and positive outcomes for the company’s clients.


5. Jit Kee Chin

Company: Suffolk Construction
Job Title: EVP and Chief Data Officer

Jit Kee's role is to develop and implement a cutting edge strategy that uses data analytics to radically improve the way Suffolk builds. Specific responsibilities span setting strong data foundations by establishing performance metrics and driving data quality, mastering business intelligence to support decision-making, through to exploring the potential of unstructured data and advanced analytics to help address the twin challenges of productivity and risk management in construction.


6. Alvaro Colato

Company: Skanska
Job Title: Senior Building Technology Specialist

Alvaro became the Senior Building Technology Specialist at Skanska in July 2016 after getting started at the company as a Preconstruction Estimator/BIM Specialist.

7. Benjamin Crosby

Company: Yates Construction
Job Title: Director of BIM/VDC

As Director of BIM, Benjamin is responsible for all BIM projects Yates is currently completing. He is also educating Yates' management in the general application of BIM policies, techniques, and benefits. He spends much of his time teaching BIM classes, hosting online education, and traveling to projects to help not only Yates but all the project team gain the enhanced benefits that result from a highly collaborative BIM process. Now, with the release of the ACG LEAN Education Program, Benjamin also teaches all seven classes in order to help increase Yates' Lean practices.


8. Jacob D'Albora

Company: McVeigh & Mangum Engineering, Inc.
Job Title: Director of BIM-FM Services / Associate VP

Jacob is an integral part of the team of McVeigh & Mangum Engineering (MME), a full service, multi-office engineering firm. He serves the AEC community with a passion to not only produce designs and drawings of superior quality in the BIM platform, but to also equip facilities professionals to more efficiently and effectively manage facilities once constructed. This is accomplished through the application of BIM-FM (facility management) strategy. Jacob has established himself as an industry leader in the BIM-FM arena and, through the use of BIM-FM, has provided the resources and training to facilities personnel necessary to facilitate the efficient execution of building maintenance duties and record keeping.


9. Max Eklund

Company: Fluor
Job Title: Construction Innovation and Visualization Lead

Max is a Fluor Fellow for Construction Automation and a Subject Matter Expert in UAVs and Visualization. He has spent his entire career at Fluor, beginning as a Site IT Manager in 1998 and growing his capabilities through the technological revolution that has hit the construction industry, entering his current position in 2018.


10. Amir Elmahdi

Company: BAM Deutschland AG
Job Title: Head of Digital Construction

Amir is responsible for the introduction of standards, the use of BIM, and the training of employees to implement new processes and tools. He also represents BAM at the Digital Construction Community Table, where they try to create joint developments and introduce the optimization of available resources in the Group companies, so that BAM 2020 will be recognized as a global leader in digital design, construction and operation.


11. Monica Emmons

Company: Fortis Construction, Inc.
Job Title: BIM Manager

Monica has great experience in resource allocation, mentoring, cost budget development, marketing, and recruiting. She leverages building information modeling while pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and animation to give a better realization of the final product to clients and improve CAFM (computer-aided facility management) capabilities.


12. Dana Erdman

Company: Bulley & Andrews LLC
Job Title: Manager of Technology & Support Services

Dana provides vision and strategy for all technology operations at Bulley & Andrews, one of Chicago's oldest and most accomplished general contractors. While leading the implementation of emerging technologies and digital innovation, she works to keep this historic company ever-evolving. Dana is an advocate of increasing the number of women in leadership within the technology field.


13. Kristen Erickson

Company: Pepper Construction Group
Job Title: Technical Services Manager - Structural Services

Kristen is a featured speaker and trainer on topics about 3D structural modeling. She joined Pepper Construction in June 2015 with more than seven years of structural design experience. As Technical Services Manager, she specializes in creating award-winning, highly intricate models using Tekla Structures that can be used for design, coordination, estimating, detailing, fabrication, erection, and facilities management. As a member of Pepper's Integrated Construction Services Team, Kristen has recently modeled 17 projects that are in various stages of construction, representing more than $230 million in construction revenue.


14. Thomas Feninez

Company: Warfel Construction Company
Job Title: VDC Specialist

Thomas joined Warfel in 2018 focused on virtual design and construction services. Thomas works to model buildings digitally prior to constructing them physically, proactively preempting potential issues and conflicts. He leverages graphic information and mining data to enhance communication, quality and efficiency.


15. Rebecca Frangipane

Company: Russell Construction Co.
Job Title: Director of Virtual Construction

As Director of Virtual Construction at Russell, Rebecca's goal is to provide a platform and the support for teams to communicate, visualize, and identify operational improvements throughout the entire project lifecycle. To do this, she leads the VDC team at Russell in using the latest technology to analyze model data and assist with project phasing, spatial planning, constructability, quantities, scheduling, prefabrication, operations and maintenance. These VDC processes, in conjunction with one another, ensure the most efficient construction project execution.


16. Thomas Fulda

Company: The Walsh Group
Job Title: Construction Technology Manager

Thomas leads VDC efforts for Walsh's high-rise building group, coordinating work on major capital projects and assisting preconstruction teams with estimating, logistics, scheduling, and phase planning studies as needed. With an oddball resume of professional degrees and work experience that spans architectural design, library science, and construction management, it's hard to assign any one focus to his career - if he specializes in anything, it's using technology to better organize and improve the built environment.


17. Matt Gough

Company: Mace
Job Title: Director of Innovation and Winning Work

Matt has spent over 7 years at Mace, most recently entering his current position as Director of Innovation and Winning Work in 2017. He pushes the boundaries for the benefit of Mace and their clients, and is leading their mission to continuously pursue a better way.


18. Adrian Hatch

Company: Imajion
Job Title: CTO

Adrian works to create the future of mixed reality across platforms. He bring a design-driven, customer-focused perspective to a small, agile team of developers working together to create not just what is "good in mixed reality" but what is "done best by mixed reality." In his role as CTO, he also serves as chief of product and a senior engineer. Immersed in the construction industry and obsessed with changing it for the better, he hopes to spend more time in a hard hat and safety vest than any programmer before him.


19. Vivin Hegde

Company: Hilti
Job Title: Director, Tech Office

As the Director of the Tech Office, Vivin helps Hilti engage with and develop the construction tech ecosystem and implement strategies that improve productivity and collaboration on the job site.


20. Chad Holbrook

Company: W.E. O'Neil Construction
Job Title: Virtual Design & Construction Manager

Chad leads a team that identifies, researches, tests and rolls out emerging construction technology to office and field teams to enhance company-wide capabilities and improve client engagement and projects. His team ensures VDC/BIM and other technologies and processes are strategically leveraged during conceptual, project pursuit, pre-construction, construction and turnover stages.


21. Tauhira Hoossainy

Company: Milwaukee Tool
Job Title: Construction Technology Manager

Tauhira handles product and platform development of advanced hand tools, power tools, and intelligent tools actively driven by user research, strategic market trends, and advanced development of new-to-industry technologies. 


22. Daniel Hughes

Company: Bradley Corporation
Job Title: VDC Strategist

Daniel provides oversight to delivering Bradley's digital design tools & virtual product models for architects, engineers, contractors & owners' construction projects. Spending most of his career at Bradley in BIM strategy, he was promoted to VDC Strategist in 2018.


23. David Ivey

Company: HOK
Job Title: Senior Design Technology Manager

David leads the Design Technology efforts in HOK's Chicago office, as well as provides support and direction for the company's Firmwide efforts. He also work on projects to support major deliverables, and implementing specialized analysis software for diverse needs such as pedestrian simulation, clash detection, and GIS.

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24. Sylvester Knudsen

Company: MTH
Job Title: VDC Consultant

Sylvester is a VDC Consultant and part of the Computational Design and Construction group, where the goal is to implement and develop computation and software customization in the company’s daily workflows. Passionate about BIM, utilizing data and computational workflows, he strives to make better projects by using data for better decision making.

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25. Jason Krumins

Company: Consigli Construction Co
Job Title: VDC/BIM Manager

With significant experience as a Project Manager, Jason was recently hired as a VDC/BIM Manager at Consigli to leverage his experience in a more technology-forward, specialized role.


26. Berardo Matalucci

Company: SHoP Architects
Job Title: Building Technology Specialist

Berardo brings know-how and methods for integrating sustainable, human-centric design within SHoP Architects. As a multi-disciplinary expert, he works with engineers, designers, and clients to ensure the highest performance and adoption of next-generation building technologies.

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27. Chris Mayer

Company: Suffolk
Job Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Chris is responsible for overseeing the company’s innovation initiatives, managing their execution, and measuring results to achieve safer, higher quality, and more affordable building.


28. Ed McCauley

Company: Wohlsen Construction
Job Title: Director of Technology

With nearly 15 years of experience in the technology field, Ed has proven that good conversation and the right technology platforms are the foundation for building smart technology solutions. He worked his way from Network Administrator to Director of Technology during his time at Wohlsen. His work is driven by one simple belief: the only good technology is the technology that people want to use.


29. Ian McGaw

Company: ENGworks
Job Title: Vice President of Technology and Innovation

Ian works with peers in the Industry Strategy team to develop architecture, engineering, construction, and growth strategy and contribute to drive initiatives across vertical industries. Industry Strategy development includes Strategic Plans, Opportunity Proposals, Thought Leadership Platforms, and Media Support.


30. Sean Mcguire

Company: MCAA
Job Title: Director Construction Technology

As Director of Construction Technology, Sean's role is to constantly learn about new technology that has potential impact for mechanical, plumbing and service contractors. He then is charged with overseeing research efforts for the association, and educating over 2,600 MCAA member companies as to the potential benefits of new processes, software or hardware that could improve their productivity or profitability. He also assists manufacturers in the development of new products for the industry with feedback and connections to beta test products still in development.

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31. Rolando Mendoza

Company: Mortenson Construction
Job Title: Director of VDC

Rolando brings with him over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industries, focusing on advanced design technologies and innovations in project delivery through VDC processes. He recently joined Mortenson as Company Director of VDC, and will be leading Mortenson’s innovative VDC group. He is in charge of working with each operating group and business service groups, developing, managing, directing and measuring the implementation of VDC processes throughout the company.


32. Siggy Pfendler

Company: Columbia Construction Company
Job Title: Director of Improvement and Innovation

Siggy works with internal users to define and deploy best practice workflows and the technologies that best support them to improve operational efficiencies across the company. She also oversees the operations of the VDC Department to support and enhance the performance of project teams and continue to grow the VDC capabilities of the company. Siggy was previously the Director of VDC.


33. Steve Pierz

Company: FBR
Job Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Steve spearheads innovation at FBR and throughout the value chain from suppliers to the customer. He established a US office and works to create strategic partnerships, as the Hadrian X is commercially introduced into the Americas.

Steve Pierz FBR

34. Gabriel Posternak

Company: Treeium
Job Title: CTO

Gabriel acts as the technical visionary for Treeium, defining policy, and practices for building out a highly scalable front/back end system to increase speed of company communication and expansion. He is responsible for R&D of new technologies in the industry to accelerate all business processes in the company.


35. Mike Prefling

Company: Ryan Companies
Job Title: Director of Insights and Innovation

Mike works to prepare Ryan Companies for the AEC environment 5+ years out by evolving, eliminating, and/or adding new business lines to prepare for this new reality. He establishes pathways for adoption of innovation across all business units.


36. Christopher Rippingham

Company: DPR Construction
Job Title: Technology and Innovation Leadership

As part of DPR Construction’s Technology and Innovation Leadership team, Christopher focuses on strategy, implementation and integration of technology to deliver predictable project results.


37. Ricardo Rodriguez

Company: BASF
Job Title: Global Virtual Design & Construction Specialist

Ricardo leads VDC/BIM adoption and integration in support of global marketing, business segment & digital communication strategies. Based on global technology trends, he develops & implements solutions, digital construction processes, emerging workflows. He also scouts and establishes strategic partnerships with innovative technology providers in the relevant markets among core users.


38. Atanu Rudra

Company: Caterpillar
Job Title: IoT and Big Data Platform Architect

Atanu is an accomplished digital solutions architect with strong round up, technical and organizational experience with the internet of things, big data and cloud-based data warehouse technologies. As a data steward, he focuses on data governance, data quality, data policies and procedure, visualization, master data management in a fully operational and agile environment. With 20 years of IT experience and 5 years of modern data architecture and digital experience, he has developed deep collaboration skills across and outside the organization.

39. Tony Sabat

Company: SSOE Group
Job Title: BIM/CAD Technical Specialist

At SSOE Group, Tony tests and implements new workflows for groups to utilize emerging technology and increase efficiencies in existing and new workflows. With his background in drones and reality capture techniques, Tony works to integrate new workflows and utilize the advantages of drone technology on client sites, integrate reality capture workflows into existing workflows for enhanced project purposes, as well as implement new integrations to increase cross-discipline coordination.

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40. Melissa Schulteis

Company: Miron Construction Co.
Job Title: Virtual Construction Specialist

Melissa is an experienced virtual construction specialist with a passion for spreading the knowledge of architecture and construction. She has been a leader among women within the AEC industry and continues to push the boundaries.  


41. Eli Share

Company: Bosch
Job Title: IoT and Mobile Lead

At Bosch, Eli coordinates the development of construction tech solutions, partnering with end users and working with developers to create industry value around the entire construction ecosystem. By leveraging Bosch's deep history of serving this sector, they are growing from asset management to bringing a full suite of productivity solutions to the construction job site.


42. Patrick Sharpe

Company: The Digit Group Inc.
Job Title: VP, TDG Innovations

Patrick is Vice President of Innovations for The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG), a smart city solution provider headquartered in the USA.  TDG is currently working on innovative smart city solutions in the United States, UAE, China, Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia.  His past ventures include bringing new technologies to the AEC Market including Buzzsaw, Constructware and Vela Systems.  Each project is a unique recipe based on the requirements of the people of that Smart City.  TDG Innovations is focused on identifying and qualifying the proper technological ingredients in order to provide a complete solution.


43. Fay Sweet

Company: AECOM Technology
Job Title: Global Director of Thought Leadership

Fay works on Without Limits, AECOM’s thought leadership program that has produced hundreds of articles and dozens of publications, including the Future of Infrastructure Report launched this year at Davos, plus books including the Future Office. The program was designed to address clients’ most challenging issues by showcasing the work of the thousands of specialists who are constantly using their inspiration and innovation to solve problems. At the heart of Fay's role is bringing a journalistic approach to every story to ensure that even the most complex technical work is explained with clarity.


44. Shyam Telikicherla

Company: Skender
Job Title: Virtual Design Manager

Shyam guides the innovation efforts at Skender, helping to develop new strategies that leverage VDC/BIM best practices and design model data to best benefit our vertically integrated approach to design, manufacturing and construction.


45. Trey Tubbs

Company: CBRE
Job Title: Digital Transformation Executive

Trey is responsible for delivering digital strategy and transformation initiatives at CBRE by leading the venture scan team focusing on identifying and analyzing emerging technology startups and recommending go-forward options (build, buy, partner, invest).


46. Aubrey Tucker

Company: Stantec
Job Title: Innovative Technology Developer

Aubrey works to bring corporate-wide technology innovation across all professional service business lines of Stantec. Computative design, automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, data visualization, knowledge sharing, talent tracking, distribution and business case making for technologies. Leveraging and learning from enterprise relationships and consulting with development companies on new practice augmentation for AEC, he maintains a figurative role as the Regional BIM Lead for Pacific Northwest Stantec offices.

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47. Sheik Uduman

Company: RSP Architect
Job Title: BIM and Technology Lead

As BIM & Technology lead at RSP (Dubai office), one of the largest architectural practices in the world, Sheik leads the implementation of innovative AEC technologies in projects to achieve the highest quality of design, design coordination and design validation process.


48. Clint Undseth

Company: Stuart Olson Inc.
Job Title: VP Innovation

Clint works on market and technology strategy development for building performance solutions at Stuart Olson. In his role, he collaborates with industry leaders in sustainable development to help clients realize building performance results.


49. Dan Walsh

Company: KONE
Job Title: Smart Building Technologies & Modernization Major Projects

Dan rejoined KONE in 2011 and currently serves as the Director of Smart Building Technologies and Modernization Major Projects in the Americas. He leads KONE’s major projects customer solution team as well as implementing KONE’s Smart Building strategy. Dan leverages his experience to bring a strong customer centric focus to KONE’s modernization business. His work has contributed to KONE’s exceptional offering of sustainable solutions for the marketplace.


50. Vincent Yeung

Company: Gammon Construction (Hong Kong)
Job Title: Innovation Manager

Beginning his career at Gammon as an electrical engineer, Vincent rose in the ranks, taking on further responsibilities for the company’s innovation activities internally. Beginning in 2018, he was named the company's Innovation Manager furthering his experience with innovation implementation, digital engineering development, and robotics development.