Jaypee Sports City

In India, where hundreds of millions of people are migrating from rural to urban areas, an entirely new city for one million people is being designed. Jaypee Sports City, 30 mi. south of New Delhi, provides an opportunity to make a living, breathing metropolis that harvests and recycles its resources. Owned entirely by the Jaypee Group, an engineering to hospitality conglomerate, it is a unique example of private enterprise developing an entire city without government support.


  • To cool the city,  the parks and streets are designed to channel the prevailing winds. All buildings are orientated so to avoid the worst of the sun’s heat.
  • Buses run through the parks, avoiding traffic hold-ups on the roads. As the city grows, bus routes will be supplemented by a metro.
  • In every neighborhood, water is drawn from aquifers and purify, distribute and recycle it after treatment in a plant that converts human and organic waste to methane gas. The gas powers the city, reducing the amount of electricity required from the grid.

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Real Estate Owner/Developer:

Jaypee Group

Architects & Designers:

Peter Ellis New Cities

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