BuiltWorlds AI/Machine Learning Track Announcement

At our inaugural CEO Forum Annual Meeting this past April, the need to develop strategic responses to the promulgation of AI and Machine Learning technology within the built world emerged as a key concern among the group. Topics of high interest included the intricacies surrounding data ownership and utilization, as well as the potential winners and losers in this transformative technological wave.

In response to the CEO Forum discussion, BuiltWorlds is now launching the AI/Machine Learning Preparedness Research Track, the fifth research track now available to BuiltWorlds Members looking to tap deeper and more specialized data, research, and collaboration opportunities in the network. This research track will be championed by BuiltWorlds Board Member, Rosemarie Lipman, and will be facilitated by BuiltWorlds Analyst, Alexis Adams.  In this track, we will seek to prepare our member companies to avoid the risks and harness the opportunities from this powerful emerging trend. We will look to foster an understanding of the potential of AI/ML, its applications in the AEC Sector and also the role of startups, cloud computing companies, sector-focused large tech companies, academia, and the industry in this period of change.

The BuiltWorlds team is hosting an informative session at the upcoming Americas Summit. Join us at 2:45 September 21st, during the second day of the main Summit sessions, where we'll explore exciting details of the new track, including its scope, the participants involved, and the collective commitment to advancing joint research efforts. Registration access is open for all BuiltWorlds members.

*This Research Track is included in the Strategic Membership Package. There will be an added cost to Members at other levels. For more information, contact info@builtworlds.com

Join us at the AI/ML Informative Session on September 21!

Are you interested in participating in the AI/ML Research Track but you are unable to attend the Americas Summit? Complete the Baseline Assessment Survey to learn how prepared your company stands amidst other industry players and to stay informed about potential future opportunities within this initiative. Similar to our other research tracks, we will leverage our extensive industry surveys, group discussions, expert speakers and other resources to provide our members with an agnostic view of the present landscape and future projections.

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