Around the Network: Welcome Aquatrace to the Catalyzers Forum


AquaTrace is an Irish startup bringing leak detection technology to contractors as well as property managers and owners.  Recently, AquaTrace notched a partnership with MOY Roof Waterproofing Specialists, a leading global roofing industry player, and the firm is now looking to expand in the US.

As solutions to address the industry’s many challenges proliferate, and more venture-backed tech companies enter the growth stage, BuiltWorlds has implemented the Catalyzer Program to help these companies more efficiently find product/market fits with an industry that is hungry for solutions, but also highly fragmented and often skeptical.

About AquaTrace: A new leak monitoring technology that protects roofs by using their unique OneDrop smart membrane. The OneDrop smart membrane will detect the state of the roof. The data is then sent to their cloud system and it is constantly analyzed to ensure maximum protection.

About the BuiltWorlds Catalyzer Program: A place where leading growth stage startups and larger companies accelerating the growth of new solutions have come together to support learning and connection and to help companies leverage emerging technology to shape a better industry – and a better world. They are the BuiltWorlds Catalyzers.