Bringing the Jobsite Back to the Office: Inside OnSiteIQ’s Launch

Ardalan Khosrowpour, co-founder and CEO of OnSiteIQ.

Documenting a jobsite can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, especially if contractors attempt to do so by themselves. The complexity of such a task is only further increased by bringing that data into the digital realm. OnSiteIQ, which launched out of beta today, remedies this long-standing issue by providing regular documentation of a jobsite twice monthly via high quality 360-degree imagery and mapping of the area.

Prior to co-founding OnSiteIQ, CEO Ardalan Khosrowpour noticed inefficiencies in the documentation cycle of jobsites, something he wanted to fix coming from a background of both technology and construction. “Jobsites would bring out photographers, take a bunch of photos, and those would all dump into a Dropbox,” Khosrowpour explains. “They’d never go back and look at it. There were also a few companies that let you manually capture the site, but it was still manual and very cumbersome.”

The platform OnSiteIQ has designed for construction documentation is very different in that regard. Operating out of New York City and serving the surrounding area, OnSiteIQ sends out their team twice monthly to jobsites to utilize their 360-degree equipment in order to capture stunningly accurate and high quality visuals. This visual data is easily accessible online for OnSiteIQ users with a bevy of easy-to-use functions available.

Most vitally, OnSiteIQ’s interface allows the construction industry to bring the jobsite back to the office. Users can walk through the jobsite, allowing for remote inspection and continued monitoring of a build. This can be particularly useful when analysing the quality and safety of a site alongside its progress. Users can create annotations within those walkthroughs as well, and OnSiteIQ has an intuitive data-sharing structure that lets users send animations and snapshots to one another.

OnSiteIQ’s user interface that allows for walkthroughs of jobsites.

“We differentiate ourselves by offering an automatic geo-localization of the walkthroughs of the floor plan,” detailed Khosrowpour. “This allows us to provide clients faster and more frequent data collection. We’re also partnering with major insurance companies to enable risk quantification and control on projects to reduce injuries, losses, defects, and claims.”

Since its been in private beta, companies around New York have already put OnSiteIQ to work on their sites. “New Line Structures is very excited about our collaboration with OnSiteIQ for 360-degree photography and taking advantage of the latest technologies to help us better monitor progress in the field,” Sal Bousleiman, Project Executive and Director of Project Controls for New Line Structures, said. “Ardalan and his team have done great progress with the platform and have been continually adding exciting new futures.”

Collaboration and streamlined, technologically intuitive workflows are becoming the centerpiece of technology innovation in the construction industry. OnSiteIQ not only offers a robust solution toward project documentation, but a service that can save its clients money and improve safety on the site. They’re out of private beta today and have their eyes set on continued development and enhancement of their platform moving forward in the new year.