10 Most Promising Trends and Tech Players in Preconstruction & Planning


Next week, the BuiltWorlds team will be jetting off to the Big Apple for our Project New York City Conference. There, we'll be talking all about  the innovations happening in preconstruction.

As we begin moving toward the event, we thought it would be helpful to lay out the most exciting trends and the leading companies that are catching our eye.

10. Virtual reality has entered the preconstruction process

9. Specifications and plans are being digitized

8. Smarter ways to manage and organize the bidding process 

7. Leveraging generative design for real estate site selection

6. Utilizing AI for scheduling your most efficient project


5. Managing documents and workflows

4. Integrating accounting into the preconstruction mix

3. Planning workforce and labor schedules 

2. Gaining faster materials, means, and method intelligence

1. Conducting drone surveys for preconstruction

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