Venture East: Dina Routhier, President of Stanley Ventures On How the Construction Tools Giant is Positioning for Digital Transformation

Dina Routhier, President of Stanley Ventures kicked off BuiltWorlds Venture East with a deeper look at how Stanley Ventures is engaging with the industry’s innovation ecosystem to position Stanley, Black & Decker, a nearly $16 billion global tools and equipment company, to be a leader in offering self-performing commercial construction companies with the technology solutions they will need to be successful as the industry modernizes.

What’s in Stanley Black & Decker’s portfolio?

Stanley Ventures has built an impressive portfolio of startups inlcuding more than 30 active investments as well as many more exits and a handful of acquisitions. Referencing historic strength in manufacturing, Routhier noted that SBD’s portfolio is heavier in “hard tech” than some others in the industry. At the same time, she noted that Stanley Ventures is looking at solutions digitizing workflows across the full life cycle of projects including design, preconstruction, prefab-offsite, jobsite, and building lifecycle management. 

Construction Tech Portfolio Highlights:

  • MsuiteBIM Software for MEP Contractors & Modular Builders.
  • Tool Connect Asset management solution for virtual tool and equipment tracking

  • Converge.AI - Realtime Concrete Curing Strength Management
  • Hangerworks - A Revit plug in for design and specification of anchors
  • TigerstopAutomated positioning system for fabrication shops

Stanley Ventures is actively looking to identify new partners in the construction startup ecosystem to help them build out and connect their suite of solutions with a focus on serving the self perform trades across a variety of endmarkets, including hospitals, large capacity venues, industrial plants, high rise buildings, and data centers. As part of its efforts, Stanley Ventures is looking for new partners in the construction startup ecosystem to help it further the Dewalt Construction Technology strategy.  Relationships with startups can result in a commercial-only relationships, such its current partnerships with, Siteaware and Pypeserver.  Alternatively, the relationship may result in both a commercial partnership and a Ventures investment – such as its investment and ultimate acquisition of MSUITE.  As the venture capital arm of Stanley Black & Decker, Stanley Ventures offers startups not only investment capital, but also engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities, sourcing relationships, global distribution, and ultimately greater access to its roster of millions of customers around the world.

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