Calculating Real-Time Carbon Emissions

Due to the dynamism of the current electricity markets, carbon-emissions from the production of electricity is not calculated until after the fact. This limits the ability of energy users to react in real-time to carbon emissions, proactively manage electricity use and consequently manage costs versus carbon. Phase one involved the deployment of a WattTime data portal for the 100,000 sq ft. UI LABS facility on Goose Island. An upcoming phase two plans to enable real-time carbon accounting and phase three will enable carbon-triggered demand response. All phases integrate technologies developed by WattTime for determining marginal carbon emissions for building management systems to automate carbon-initiated demand response.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • California-based non profit WattTime is deploying software-based technology to help building operators make more sustainable choices about energy consumption. WattTime’s technologies combine real-time data from power grid operators, the EPA, and more. They detect moments when using electricity will be cleaner and enable automatic adjustments to actually choose which types of power plants your devices rely on. With a simple software update, smart device owners can instantly and permanently reduce their carbon footprint while helping clean and renewable power plants compete on the grid. Carbon emissions are now visible to UI LABS facility managers and WattTime technology was displayed at the C40 Climate Summit held at UI LABS.

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