Infrastructure – I-15 Lehi Main to SR-92, Technology Corridor – 2020 Highway Project of the Year

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

How UDOT was able to save up to $19.5 million per year over five years with Masterworks
UDOT is committed to its vision – Keeping Utah Moving. When planning for their future, UDOT was looking for an innovative solution that would enhance its construction management and project delivery processes. Together UDOT and Aurigo are laying the foundation of transformational changes in managing Utah’s transportation infrastructure.
Quick Facts:
UDOT develops and maintains more than 6,000 miles of roadways that constitute the network of 243 state highways.
UDOT maintains nearly 16,000 lane miles of roads across Utah.
Represents an investment worth $25 billion.
Employs 1,800 people.
Customer Challenges:
UDOT was using outdated technology that was no longer supported for future execution, thus causing an unorganized process (i.e. endless paper trails) for owners and contractors involved.
This outmoded application was built on client-server technologies which require the user to be inside the state’s firewall or have a Citrix connection to gain access. The setup was a significant inconvenience for UDOT’s construction contracting community.
UDOT wanted to replace certain PDBS modules used to manage UDOT’s field data collection, cost, schedule, and contract processes.
They were seeking an innovative solution that would help improve and enhance UDOT’s construction management and project delivery practices.
They were also looking for greater visibility and increased control with better reporting and reduced costs.
The new modules had to integrate with other PDBS modules and UDOT applications including Web Electronic Bidding Systems, Civil Rights, Certified Payroll, and Enterprise Project Management.
Masterworks at UDOT
By fully automating the business process, a unified platform was established to maintain the integrity of UDOT’s project costs, schedules, forecasted budget, funds and timeline requirements. This system has generated a sense of collaboration across business units and enhanced quality of work, increased productivity and deeply reduced the margin of errors for any given project.
UDOT field staff and construction project teams have benefited the most from the new technology. The software can be accessed with a web browser from a PC, laptop or hand-held devices both online and offline mode. With Masterworks Mobile application, the field inspectors can take pictures on the work site and add them directly to the field report in real-time. If mobile devices are GPS enabled, the location coordinates are automatically captured and uploaded to the server.
Time Savings: Aurigo Masterworks modernizes construction management through the elimination of the cumbersome paper-based approach as the entire solution was delivered over the cloud. In addition to saving money by decreasing paper use, printing, and document storage costs, this project also saves time by decreasing communication delays and transmittal time.
Cost Savings: Time saved is money saved. UDOT has seen DPR time savings, more accurate Pay Estimates “closed to paid” time, Change Order process time saving and time to close a project. We have estimated savings of $19.5 Million USD per year-up to $100 Million USD over five years.
Improved Customer Service: Easy to access cloud-based system, reduced paper trail and efficient customer support available online and offline. Masterworks allows faster approvals, increased accuracy and enhanced document tracking, all while increasing transparency. The transparency of the process aims to virtually eliminate all questions, claims and disputes and thereby improve the customer experience.
Preserve Infrastructure: Aurigo Masterworks implementation led to higher efficiency and faster delivery of infrastructure and capital projects. This system aims to employ established technologies that are readily available to the transportation community, such as digital electronic signatures, electronic communication, secure file sharing, version control, mobile devices, and web-based data archival and retrieval systems to improve construction management.

Project Features/Advancements

  • Two full interchange redesigns at S.R. 92 and 2100 North.

    A one-way frontage road system (the first system of its kind in Utah). This system consists of one-way roads that work in conjunction with three braided slip ramps that provide greater and faster access to I-95.
    The new Triumph Boulevard Bridge over I-95 (designed to alleviate congestion and take pressure from I-15’s interchanges at 2100 North and state Route 92).
    A new fly-over ramp at 2100 North.
    Bike and pedestrian trails.
    Grade separated trail crossings increasing connectivity to all trails in the region.
    A new design which incorporated the existing rod bed. This limited the need for making excessive truckload trips to work site, increased the safety of the workers involved, and lowered overall project costs.