Kansas ‘Smart’ City Initiative

The Smart City initiative will help the City of Kansas City use real-time data to deliver basic services more efficiently and will attract economic development & entrepreneurs. The public can see a visualization of the data on a map that shows available parking, traffic flow and pedestrian hotspots, as well as the location of KC Streetcars. As Smart City infrastructure expands, the city will use big data to drive decisions that save taxpayer money through more efficient repairs and maintenance of streets, water lines and other infrastructure.

Project Gallery

Project Features/Advancements

  • Kansas City partnered with Cisco to create a truly connected city. With an intelligent Wi-Fi network as the foundation, citizens can leverage an Enterprise Mobility Services Platform via a mobile app or interact with digital kiosks to review restaurant menus or identify the best timing for parking. Smart lighting and video sensors line the city street allowing better energy management and better focus of police assets. This real-time data is being used to drive decision making, and allows the city to be more productive and responsive to citizens’ needs.