Interior Renovation

The renovation project is a high-end interiors project in New Jersey with one of the top construction management firms in the NY/NJ area – Hollister Construction. Its a relatively small project of 31,000 sqft with a project duration of 10 months. The project has more than 24 sub-contractors. Dennis Gabel is the Superintendent and Mary Munoz is the Project Manager. The challenge in the project was to collaborate seamlessly with all project members including sub-contractors, schedulers, project managers and executives; 10 months is a tight schedule for a project of $4M.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • onTarget was the solution which enabled scheduler Hamed Parsa, project manager Denis Gable, and executive Brendan Murray to track progress on a daily basis. Using our Last Planner System, Dennis was able to sync the master schedule to the look ahead schedule to get the most updated and prioritized list of activities for each sub-contractor on a daily basis, automatically. Based on easy updates from the field using iPad and mobile devices, he saved 7 hours per week on the project. Moreover, onTarget's autogenerated emails, reminders, and reports saved him hours of phone calls and emails. Scheduler Hamed was able to reduce his project update time from 2hrs per day to 20mins by just having a seamless and live update from the field, verified by photographs and LASER scans uploaded from the field. Executive decision makers did early risk detection and predicted delays and cost overruns using our AI Algorithm and Predictive Analytics. onTarget detected which contractor was delaying the project and held them accountable. In addition, the progress update process is being automated using LASER Scan to Design model and Scan to Scan comparison. Using deep learning, onTarget can automatically extract quantities from the point cloud date and compare with previous scans to track progress and change detection.