Smart Green Infrastructure Monitoring

Cities are heavily investing in green infrastructure (GI); however, they lack effective means for the consistent monitoring of new GI performance. The ability to monitor these GI investments allows cities to compare newly implemented green technologies to traditional grey infrastructure, and consequently provides a better understanding of the benefits associated with their investments. To address this, City Tech and its partners developed a solution to create a low-cost, IoT (Internet of Things) based sensing package which allows for the aggregation of GI performance data for individual and collective infrastructure management, monitoring and maintenance.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • City Tech transforms cities into testbeds for new ideas. Using a unique, cross-sector approach to solution development, we remake essential city services and infrastructure using advanced technology, and then expand these solutions to other cities. This project has produced a novel IoT-based sensing system with the ability to aggregate city-wide stormwater infrastructure data from decentralized sources in real-time, for stormwater storage capacity monitoring and superior GI maintenance and performance feedback.