Smart Grid Rollout in Switzerland

Romande Energie, the largest electricity supplier in Western Switzerland, provides power to over 300,000 customers. It generates, distributes, and sells energy, and is known for investing heavily in renewables and promoting innovative energy solutions. Recently, the Romande power grid has faced new challenges from decentralized generation and e-mobility. The traditional solution is to reinforce the grid, but this is hardly cost-effective. New developments have incorporated intelligent systems into the grid to balance generation and consumption in real-time while providing improved visibility of the state of the grid overall.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • More than a product, GridEye from DEPsys is a true network optimization platform -- measuring, monitoring, and controlling the distribution grid for an efficient integration of renewable energy sources at decentralized injection points. In September 2017, Romande Energie started deploying GridEye, making it the first Swiss grid operator to deploy a smart grid at a large scale.