Smart Waste Management in Portugal

A multi-award winning body, Cascais Ambiente are one of the leading European municipalities and Smart City regions that have embraced new environmental technologies and the benefits such solutions bring to their citizens.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • Cascais approached SmartBin with the clear objectives to: (1) install smart waste monitoring with their 400 Sotkon Waste Systems underground recycling bins; (2) provide optimized collection routes for drivers by integrating SmartBin Live with their existing fleet management system; (3) reduce the cost of collection; and (4) sustain the town’s scenic beauty and keep citizens happy by eliminating over-flowed street bins. By investing in SmartBin’s solution, the municipalities of Cascais are on track to save up to €900,000 on their collection operation in this year alone. Their investment in SmartBin will be paid back in approximately 6 months while reducing collections by up to 50%, improving resource management, eliminating over-filling of bins, reducing CO2 emissions, and limiting the number of trucks needed on the roads.