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BuiltWorlds is entering its third year of producing Top Lists highlighting the leading and emerging technology companies operating within the built environment. Touching on categories like building technology, machinery & automation, project management software, and field technology, Top Lists provide you an opportunity to identify the solutions in the market that have an impact directly on your business and your peers.


2021 Venture Deals 50 List (of 2020)

December 31, 2020

BuiltWorlds lays out the top 50 venture deals that took place in 2020 within the built industry.

2020 BuiltWorlds Startup Members Point To the Rise of AI, IoT, and User-Centered Design

November 21, 2020

Below, we feature 50 earlier stage and more recently founded BuiltWorlds Member companies.  This new generation of industry tech goes beyond the mobile, cloud-based apps that gained prominence a decade ago and reflects an industry that is forging deeper into AI and Machine Learning and also IoT Sensors, Scanners, and Reality Capture technology.

Venture Investors 50 2020

2020 Venture Investors 50 List

November 19, 2020

The Venture Investors 50 list features the leading companies, both traditional venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists, that have invested significantly into built industry technology in 2020.

BuiltWorlds Adoption Advisors 2020

2020 Adoption Advisors List

October 20, 2020

All through the month of October we have been looking at how companies have been organizing to be adapt successful to the many changes emerging technology is fueling in the industry. First, in our VDC Staffing Report,  we looked at the result of our benchmarking survey to understand how companies were establishing and growing virtual […]

Adoption leaders 50

2020 Adoption Leaders 50 List

October 12, 2020

As The Industry Tech Adopter Ranks Grow, This Year’s List Focuses Exclusively on AEC Adoption Leaders Much has changed since we first launched our Adoption Leaders Top List back in 2017.  We launched the list because we noticed people were being place into leadership roles at industry companies to help their companies find, select, and […]

2020 Global Innovators 50

The Global 50: Open Innovation Across Continents for Buildings & Infrastructure’s Digital Transformation

October 1, 2020

Historically, in the Buildings and Infrastructure industry, AEC and Real Estate Companies have been focused on their own home regions. However, with rising capital investment, a greater sense of urgency around sustainability, a growing belief in the power of open innovation, and the growth of emerging technology, industry players are increasingly collaborating beyond their borders.  […]

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