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Innovate in Incremental Steps, Not Giant Leaps

May 3, 2015

Most innovation sneaks up on us a little bit at a time. Eureka! moments are
exceedingly rare and drastic change almost never happens overnight. By
definition, evolution is a process, writes Arup’s Malcolm Turpin.

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Judgment rendered: Congrats MEP Ally!

April 30, 2015

Unmanned airships, 3D printer marketplaces, digital instruction manuals,
polarized glass shades, and a one-stop shop for leftover jobsite materials
usually don’t have anything in common.  On BuiltWorlds’ initial Judgment
Night pitch event, they did.  Five companies from across the U.S. squared
off in a startup battle royale and there could only be one winner.

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Next Event: Tech Takes on Real Estate

April 30, 2015

What’s next for BuiltWorlds? On May 14, Chicago’s fast-growing
super-collider of ideas will host an all-star panel of experts discussing
how technology is completely changing the real estate market before our
very eyes.

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You be the Judge: DDCM by Workshop MG

April 22, 2015

Digital Design Criteria Manual is a cloud-based retail information delivery
platform for Owners, Landlords, and Retailers was developed by WorkShop-MG.
Come see them battle the other startup competition at Judgment Night on
April 23rd!

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You be the judge: Threader by MEP Ally

April 21, 2015

Every project ends with at least some materials and equipment left over.
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors traditionally operate on
the thinnest margins, so they need to make every dollar count. Threader is
a mobile application designed and built by MEP Ally that combines an
internal inventory tracking tool to help subs support each other, avoid
restocking charges and maximize value.  It’s Earth Week so let’s reduce,
reuse, and recycle!.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Bio-what? Biophilia’s impact on architecture and design

April 20, 2015

It’s Earth Week, so what better time to look at how biophilia is
influencing design? No, not Bjork’s last album. Biophilia is the love of
life, so it rests on the notion that humans innately respond positively to
nature and the outdoors. Yet we spend 90% of our time indoors. VOA’s Susan
Heinking suggests how the built environment can help.

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