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Born of necessity, Machinio now top equipment matchmaker

February 12, 2015

Machinio, a comprehensive search engine for buying and selling used
industrial machinery and heavy equipment, has been an unqualified success.
If you haven’t heard of it before, trust us. You will.

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WOC brings the heat, generates sparks, high hopes

February 12, 2015

Our own Josh Simons this month managed to escape the cold to attend the
bustling World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. What he encountered there
should warm all our hearts… 

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Voila! Burgeoning Bentley adds French 3D software firm

February 12, 2015

“With Bentley’s acquisition of Acute3D, we can look forward to seeing more
innovative uses of what they call ‘reality modeling’ in infrastructure
projects as well as a convergence of technology that will yield tremendous
benefits for consulting engineers, constructors, and the owners of
infrastructure assets.”

Demo Night dazzles in multiple dimensions

February 5, 2015

General contractors were out in strength last week, joining more than 100
other visitors from architects, subs, owners, and tech vendors who
flocked to BW to play with toys like DAQRI’s ‘Smart Helmet’ and IrisVR’s 3D

VR Night a success, virtual, real, all kinds

January 29, 2015

VR Night this week became more than a tuneup for Demo Night, as members of
VR Chicago visited BuiltWorlds to try out new Augmented Reality headsets
and listen to presentations from IrisVR and virtual guest Damon Hernandez.

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Gathering Clouds Hold Silver Linings for Project Teams

January 29, 2015

In less than three years, Houston-based Assemble Systems has compiled a
big-name customer list. Contractors are drawn to the firm’s cloud platform
that keeps project team members on the same page, says CEO Howard Davis.

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