About Trux

The all-in-one app to help dump truck owners manage their fleet, contractors to track & find dump trucks and material producers to improve cycle-time & plant operations.

Automatic Digital Invoices
How many hours a week do you spend tracking down paperwork and creating invoices? Too many. Our digital platform handles this tedious process for you – automatically logging hours for specific jobs and invoicing the contractors directly. The best part? Every time you work with TRUX you get paid the very next week!

Dump Truck Brokers and Logistics Management Software
Designating Your Favorite Drivers
Every job site runs more smoothly when you can count on dump trucks showing up on-time. Our app knows how crucial this is to your business. We built in the ability to designate certain haulers as favorites – they are the people that show up on time, have the best equipment, and a great demeanor. Your business relies on them & TRUX makes it easy to find them.

Dump Truck Brokers and Logistics Management Software
Digitally Dispatching Your Jobs
Dispatching is one of the most crucial roles for a successful day of work. Wouldn’t it be great to give your dispatchers the tools they need to make the day run more smoothly? TRUX is built to allow dispatchers to find trucks fast, stagger arrival time, route effectively.

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