2019 Smart Jobsite 50 List

Welcome to the 2019 Smart Jobsite 50 List! This year’s list features solutions that our industry utilizes on the jobsite to collaborate with the office, ensure safety, monitor productivity, track assets, and much more. Read on to learn all about how the construction process is being revolutionized by technology that leverages sensors, IoT platforms, AI/Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and other technologies that are changing our jobsites. The list appears in alphabetical order by category type. Enjoy!

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Our incredible lineup of judges has voted for one LEADER and one DISRUPTOR in each of the five categories on the list: (1) Materials (2) Scanning & Visualization (3) Site & Progress Monitoring (4) Tools & Equipment, and (5) Wearables. Keep scrolling to check out the winners below!

Smart Jobsite 50 Judges

  • Ben Callam, Sr. Innovation Analyst, McCarthy
  • Aaron Geiger, Chief Technology Officer, Alberici Group
  • Anthony Rosignolo, Director of Technology & Innovation, Berglund Construction
  • Travis Voss, Technology Manager, Mechanical Inc.
  • Jason Waddell, Director of Construction Technology Development, Batson-Cook
  • David Stone, Director of Virtual Construction, HITT Contracting
  • Lowell Dykstra, Director of Innovation, Interstates
  • Scott Boutwell, North American Market Leader, GHD Digital
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Source: BuiltWorlds


Materials - Disruptor

Atlas RFID Solutions - Jovix

Jovix is a material readiness application designed for large, industrial construction projects to ensure complete visibility and traceability throughout the engineering, procurement, and construction lifecycle of materials. The Jovix platform drives value to construction projects by automating material management processes and providing actionable, real-time information about the availability and location of site materials.

Command Alkon - BuildIt

Command Alkon’s BuildIt enables building contractors to optimize planning, production, and payment processes for inbound material deliveries. From order and waste management to trucking timecards and material reporting, BuildIt provides critical information to track job costs and make any important adjustments.

Materials - Leader

Giatec - SmartRock

Giatec’s SmartRock gives users real-time monitoring of concrete temperature and concrete strength on-site. Utilizing sensors directly attached to rebar that can feed information to mobile phone applications, SmartRock allows users to make critical, real-time decisions during concrete curing.

Intelliwave - SiteSense

Intelliwave SiteSense provides an easy way to manage, control, track, and locate construction materials in real-time. Utilizing SiteSense, users know when materials arrive on-site and when they’re available, have better control over material handover, and reduce time trying to locate materials on the jobsite.


LINKX helps construction companies optimize the delivery and handling of materials by providing SMS notifications for the departure and arrival of materials. LINKX’s mobile app also allows users to make the final approval of the delivery, evaluate it, and access other important delivery information.


Utilizing RFID solutions to track and automate the construction materials handling process, Ramp helps construction professionals improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and reduce labor and other operational costs. Ramp’s RFID solutions help material handlers quickly find the exact location of tagged material, avoid expensive delays when looking for identical materials, and otherwise automate data collection to improve decision making.


Track’em’s materials handling solution allows construction companies to track materials from supplier to site, have up-to-date insight on the status and condition of their materials, and more.


TruckIT is helping digitize the hauling and materials handling processes that often plague construction. TruckIT gives contractors access to a network of on-demand, vetted haulers for aggregate pick-up and delivery. Additionally, TruckIT provides digital tickets, automated invoicing and payments, real-time monitoring for ETAs, and other critical data all from their mobile app.


TRUX helps dump truck owners manage their fleet, contractors to track & find dump trucks, and material producers to improve cycle-time & plant operations. TRUX’s all-in-one app gives contractors the flexibility to accept more jobs, access to licensed & insured drivers through TRUX Marketplace, the ability to designate favorite drivers, automated digital invoices, and more.


Ynomia is helping improve the construction supply chain by giving its users the ability to locate materials, tools, and people across the site in real-time. Ynomia converts the jobsite into a digital warehouse, bringing the real-time location of critical building materials from the entry on-site to the building installation location.


Scanning & Visualization - Disruptor


Doxel leverages artificial intelligence and autonomous robots to monitor construction productivity, progress, and quality. Doxel’s robots navigate jobsites every day to capture images and perform laser scans so users can understand exactly what kind and how much work has been done


Using HoloBuilder’s mobile reality capture solutions, construction and real estate professionals are able to create and share digital, 360° replicas of their jobsites and buildings. Through quick digitalization of information, HoloBuilder’s platform allows reduced travel, transaction, and legal costs throughout the entire building lifecycle.

Imajion - Project XR

Imajion’s Project XR is a communication platform for construction that utilizes mixed reality to enable better stakeholder collaboration. The platform is helping reduce costs and increase productivity, and automate workflows through features such as voice command technology to streamline punch list capabilities and Hololens technology for instant jobsite access from any location.

JB Knowledge - SmartReality+

The SmartReality+ BIM interface leverages visualization technologies to enable better stakeholder communication and collaboration. Utilizing phones and tablets, built industry professionals can view their BIM models through augmented reality or perform detailed inspection through virtual reality.


Kaarta’s mobile, real-time 3D reality capture solutions map complex environments to transform the real world into 3D digital models, streamline workflows, reduce time, and lower cost. Stakeholders across architecture, engineering, construction, property management, surveying, and facilities management utilize Kaarta for better collaboration in design, build, and operations of the built environment.


Reconstruct facilitates schedule coordination, provides feedback from the field to the office and detects and highlights the risk for potential delays through AI-driven information. Reconstruct helps construction professionals track progress in 3D and analyze productivity over the project timeline.’s 3D laser scanning apps empower construction professionals who supervise scopes to perform their work with greater efficiency by simplifying measurements, automating workflows, and visualizing important quality information.

Synchro XR for Hololens

Utilizing Hololens technology, users can view 4D models and animations, or relevant filtered parts of them, at table-scale. For a better understanding of the work and project schedule, construction executives can walk around the model and interact with it together in a 360 degree, engaging multi-user experience.

Scanning & Visualization - Leader


StructionSite allows construction professionals to capture their jobsite using a 360 camera or a standard mobile device. Combining standard photos, 360 photos, and 360 videos with a live chat interface, built industry players can better collaborate and overall improve their processes.


Paired with the HoloLens, mobile phone, or tablet, VisualLive’s Mixed Reality gives end-users the ability to see how their model fits with the real-world conditions. Using VisualLve’s alignment features, 3D models can be snapped into the proper location out in the field, enabling users to see exactly how the designed content will fit within the physical space.



3DR makes advanced drone technology for use in data analysis, mapping, 3D modeling and more. 3DR’s advanced aerial and data analytics platform, Site Scan, is a complete camera-to app-to cloud system that allows commercial users to collect and process aerial data, perform inspections, and improve business operations. 3DR’s drones can also be set to an automated flight path to collect critical information, making it safer, easier, and more efficient for their users.


EarthCam provides webcam content, technology, and other management services such as live-streaming video, time-lapse cameras, and photo documentation. EarthCam’s construction-specific solutions allow industry players to view jobsite activity in real-time to make quick and informed decisions and even offers 360 VR Photography for progress monitoring initiatives.

Human Recognition Systems - MSite

MSite combines a worker identification check including right to work checks, inductions, and training system with fingerprint biometric turnstile access control to manage construction site employees and security.

Pillar Technologies

Pillar deploys industrial-grade sensors across construction sites to address high-value risks during construction by actively monitoring key environmental factors, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, smoke, and dust.

Site & Progress Monitoring - Leader


Pix4D provides mapping solutions for construction tasks, such as as-built verification, asset inspection, BIM integration, project planning, and design, documentation, and earthworks management. Pix4D isn’t just utilizing drones for their surveying, mapping, and other critical data collection, but they also help verify progress through their crane camera solution, too.

Sensera Systems

Sensera Systems provides multi-function, real-time jobsite monitoring solutions. Sensera’s on-site cameras integrate progress monitoring, collaboration, site-security, safety, and documentation functions. Sensera’s solutions are powered by their SiteCloud platform, which provides software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing real-time site data, detecting actionable insights, and simplifying workflow.

Sixgill - Sense

Sixgill is an IoE (Internet of Everything) data platform. Their sensors collect critical information in many different kinds of industrial settings, and their products quickly enrich data, identify exception events, and give users a view at live metrics.

Site & Progress Monitoring - Disruptor enables the reduction of jobsite risk by utilizing artificial intelligence to help observe, monitor, and predict risk in areas of project safety, productivity, and quality. creates an automated risk assessment report that enables cross-project benchmarking for leading risk indicators, and integrates with several leading project data sources and site monitoring solutions.

TopCon - ContextCapture

TopCon, a technology provider for the built environment, offers ContextCapture, a software solution that allows users to easily turn drone photographs into highly detailed 3D models. The generated models are able to be integrated into any workflow, can integrate with georeferenced data, and much more. ContextCapture is utilized in BIM for construction, land surveying, and other tasks.


WeatherBuild’s suite solutions help contractors, owners, and operators improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, and probable outcomes. WeatherBuild Daily generates daily weather reports with risk assessments of construction activities, and delivers them via delivery via email, text messages, and push notifications


Bosch - Bluehound

Bosch’s cloud-based asset management and tracking solution, Bluehound, helps boost productivity and transparency from warehouse to jobsite. Users can track, manage, document, and localize tools and other assets at any time. Additionally, Bluehound provides actionable insights through customizable reports.

DeWalt - Tool Connect

Tool Connect is a three-part inventory management solution designed that helps contractors to save time and money. Tool Connect allows users to connect, track, and customize their tools across multiple jobsites. Data from their mobile app automatically updates in an inventory manager portal at the office or tool crib to give you real-time information.


Using a barcode-scanning system, GigaTrak tool tracking software reduces losses by holding employees and subcontractors accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Users are also able to schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate depreciation, keep a historical data-trail on usage, and give employees reports of what they may owe.

Hilti - ON!TRACK

The Hilti ON!Track asset management system allows contractors to track their tools and other assets to prevent loss or theft, and helps keep track of important items such as required certifications, inspections, and maintenance. Hilti ON!Track gives contractors visibility into who has their assets, where they are located, and tracks as they are moved between warehouses and jobsites.

Tools & Equipment - Leader

Milwaukee Tool - OneKey

Utilizing Bluetooth tracking, barcode scanning, and geofencing, tool and equipment users are able to gain complete control and visibility of their inventory across any job, crew, and location. Milwaukee Tool’s One-Key apps also send real-time alerts to help prevent loss, theft, and other expensive setbacks.

SB&D - STANLEY Smart Connect

Workers can utilize the STANLEY Smart Connect app to make quick and accurate measurements for the area, volume, distance and more, and have the results displayed on their smartphone.

Tools & Equipment - Disruptor


ShareMyToolbox helps field personnel track tools by installing an app on field foreman and superintendent phones. Field personnel can search, find, and request needed tools in the app, and the warehouse can assign tools with the same mobile app. Additionally, if a tool should go missing, all parties can see who is responsible.


ToolHound provides a tool and equipment management system that allows construction, maintenance, and repair organizations to maximize tool and equipment utilization and improve productivity. ToolHound ensures the right tool is in the correct place when it is needed by using a comprehensive tool, location, and employee database, coupled with a barcode or RFID based transaction system.


ToolTags utilizes QR-Code tracking tags to perform real-time asset tracking, which can be done from a mobile app. Applying ToolTags’ tagging system and a GPS-enabled smartphone, contractors are able to know exactly where their tools and equipment are on the jobsite.


ToolTracker helps construction companies digitize their tool management by providing a mobile app for employee communication, tool categorization, and permission to use important tools, equipment, and other assets.



Iristick’s smart safety glasses are helping connect the field worker to the office. The glasses can include everyone on a video conference call to see what the smart glasses user is seeing from their point of view, zoom in to enhance the user’s view to diagnose problems, and they even leverage augmented reality to provide step-by-step workflow guidance.


Ottogee is helping industry leaders improve the productivity of the workforce in labor-intensive projects around the world by utilizing their smart ID badge and phone apps. Ottogee tracks project resources and progress, analyzes live data, and reports insights in real-time, which improves planning and allows construction executives to both react and prevent obstacles.

RealWear - HMT-1Z1

The RealWear HMT - 1Z1 conveniently clips into a hardhat to allow workers’ hands-free collaboration. The HMT-1Z1 uses four microphones and advanced algorithms to perform noise cancellation prior to voice recognition, which workers can utilize to take photos and videos to document their work. Additionally, workers can navigate augmented reality applications and enter text and numbers just by speaking in a normal voice.


SCAN-LINK Armour equipped safety vests, hard hats, and backup safety products for mobile equipment ensure safety on the jobsite by allowing both equipment operators and ground workers to be alerted when personnel is in a potentially dangerous area near construction machinery and equipment. The SCAN-LINK application's interface also delivers HMI telemetry, geofencing, automated dashboards, and event reporting, real-time alerts, and scalable data warehousing to enable input into enterprise AI machine learning solutions.

SolePower - SmartBoots

With low power sensors including GPS, RFID and IMUs embedded, SolePower SmartBoots is a technology platform that improves situational awareness by monitoring real-time location, status, and environmental factors. The SmartBoots also include lighting and other safety features.

Wearables - Leader

Triax - Spot-r

Triax Technologies’ Spot-r system is a construction IoT solution that connects workers, equipment, and managers. Spot-r’s Clip wearable communicates with other sensors on the jobsite and feeds information into a dashboard, providing real-time, data-driven visibility into daily site operations and safety on the jobsite.

Trimble Connect for Hololens

Trimble Connect for HoloLens utilizes mixed reality for site productivity by providing precise alignment of holographic data on the job site, enabling workers to review their models overlaid in the context of the physical environment. Utilizing two-way communication to the Trimble Connect cloud, users have the most up-to-date data on their site.

Wearables - Disruptor


VisionVest helps protect construction crews by equipping their vests with continuous lighting strips to make workers more visible and includes a worker location device to provide an immediate location in case of emergency. Additionally, the vest has a built-in power source for smartphones, tablets, and other important tools for connectivity on the jobsite.


WakeCap is an enterprise solution to improve construction safety & productivity on the jobsite. WakeCap enables construction companies to have real-time field reporting by connecting & tracking materials, equipment, and workers at the construction site. Hardhat embedded sensors automate worksite logistics, track worksite activity, and create a safer work experience for the field worker.

XOi Technologies

XOi Technologies optimizes the workforce of the MEP industry and more by equipping companies with their Intelligent Field Service Communications solutions and headsets. Their cloud-based platform empowers field workers by helping them collaborate with in-office teammates through video calling, giving them access to important training resources, and allowing them to document their work through videos and photos.