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Baltimore, MD
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DEWALT is out there on the jobsite learning what works and what doesn’t so we can make it all work for the professional. Every innovation we make is driven by a desire for performance, ease of use or productivity. We change a tool because the change fits the need of the professional using it, not just for the sake of change.

Our relentless pursuit of the cordless jobsite now offers solutions to stream music wirelessly using the DEWALT radio adapter, or DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker from any compatible radio, laptop, or mobile device. DEWALT’s Tool Connect mobile app is our latest innovation of Bluetooth-enabled products for use with compatible smart phone devices on the jobsite. You can now use Bluetooth® technology on this mobile app to check your DEWALT Bluetooth-enabled battery usage, with features including battery life and temperature monitoring, enabling or disabling within certain ranges, battery location, and more.

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