About Beawre

Beawre Digital S.L. is the limited liability company that provides solutions for risk management. Prime focus of the company is to ease the risk management in highly volatile, regulated environments and provide the means to assess, optimize and monitor status of the risks in close to real-time fashion by leveraging non-intrusive methods of collecting influential data. Beawre’s priority domains include the automotive sector, construction of critical facilities, e-health or transportation (both in-land and aviation).
Beawre’s team accumulates in average more than 7 years of experience providing innovative solutions for risk management in different contexts such as multi-cloud environments or IoT systems. We help our customers digitalizing their environments to increase risk control. Many companies across sectors are totally or partially evolving into software companies. Beawre’s focus is to help customers consolidate their customers’ trust by providing better mechanism to increase risk governance in software development within new emerging software factories. Our products cover a large range of challenges including helping customers monitor and manage complex processes to control associated risks or mitigate them.

Key Facts

Catalunya, Spain
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Risk Management