About BellHawk

BellHawk Systems provides its BellHawk real-time inventory and operations tracking software to manufacturers, distributors, food processors, laboratories, engineering and other industrial organizations. It also provides related professional services to assist its clients in implementing these systems as well as in integrating these tracking solutions with their ERP, CRM, accounting, E-Commerce and other systems. The BellHawk software makes extensive use of mobile data collection as well as barcode scanning and printing technologies. It is designed for use in industrial environments including those with spradic wireless communications and a high level of electrical interference. BelHawk Systems focuses on serving those organizations that have outgrown the limitations of low cost packaged software and/or need their tracking software to automatically exchange data with their other systems. BellHawk Systems specializes in customizing its software to meet the specialized business needs of each client. It also makes the source code for its software available so clients can customize and integrate the software themselves.