45 companies & technologies paving our future in IoT and connected jobsites

We had such great response to our smart buildings infographic that we wanted to do the same for project management. So here are 45 of the top companies and technologies paving our future in IoT and the connected jobsite, from drones to tools/equipment, to people/safety, materials, monitoring, and scanners.

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1. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is a cloud-based drone mapping software that enables its customers to collect and analyze aerial data using any type of drone.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founded: 2013

2. Kespry

Kespry is a provider of automated drone systems that allows companies to easily capture, view, analyze, and share aerial data.

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Founded: 2013

3. Uplift Data Partners

Uplift’s drone pilot network and turnkey data service helps industry leaders capture and analyze aerial data to prevent rework, reduce waste, increase safety, and improve margins.

Headquarters: Chicago

Founded: 2015

4. SiteAware

Previously known as Dronomy, SiteAware’s autonomous drones help construction companies build knowledge and obtain actionable data of their construction projects and job sites.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded: 2015

5. AeroVista Innovations

AeroVista is a UAV service company specializing in aerial media production services for construction mapping and BIM, infrastructure inspections, insurance assessments, and more. They also provide drone training.

Headquarters: Glenview, IL

Founded: 2015

6. Unearth Labs

Unearth’s collaboration software connects people, places, and plans (blueprints, specifications, spatial measures, and more) in real-time, allowing both the office and field to collaborate at the same time.

Headquarters: Seattle

Founded: 2016

7. Hangar Technologies

Hangar’s data acquisition platform helps firms integrate aerial data into their operations, without having to handle owning, acquiring, flying, or editing the data from drones.

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Founded: 2016


Tools and Equipment

8. 5D Robotics

5D Robotics’s hyper-positioning and autonomous navigation software can transform any existing vehicle into a smart and precise autonomous vehicle.

Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA

Founded: 2009

9. Apis Cor

Apis Cor builds complete buildings on-site within 24 hours using their proprietary construction 3D concrete printer.

Headquarters: Moscow

Founded: 2014

10. Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics is a robotic and automation equipment manufacturer. Their first machine, SAM100, is a robotic bricklayer for on-site masonry construction.

Headquarters: Victor, NY

Founded: 2008

11. ShareMyToolbox

ShareMyToolbox is a mobile-first application that connects employees to a company’s tool catalog to give users access to tools and assets available in the warehouse or field.

Headquarters: Matthews, NC

Founded: 2015

12. FalconBrick

FalconBrick is an end-to-end mobile solutions provider that allows users to accelerate projects and streamline their construction cycle by monitoring and managing projects from their smartphones.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Founded: 2015

13. Endless Robotics

Endless Robotics produces robots that can paint buildings and other finishing tasks.

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Founded: 2015

14. GPS Insight

GPS Insight provides GPS tracking for equipment, fleets of vehicles, and other mobile assets.

Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ

Founded: 2004

15. Truck IT

Truck IT is a cloud-based application for the scheduling and payment of dump truck services. It allows users to access real-time information on dump truck availability in their market.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2013

16. Digital Fleet

Digital Fleet is a cloud-based, customizable telematics platform designed for GPS asset tracking, providing companies with real-time vehicle tracking solutions.

Headquarters: Chicago

Founded: 2012

17. MX3D

MX3D’s robotic 3D printing technology prints steel bridges and other metal or resin structures.

Headquarters: Amsterdam

Founded: 2014

18. Tenna

Formerly known as BuildSourced, Tenna’s software integrates with GPS asset tracking solutions to provide physical asset planning, including location tracking, usage and service history, maintenance schedules, and documentation.

Headquarters: Edison, NJ

Founded: 2015



19. Rhumbix

Rhumbix uses crew telematics to capture real-time field data from workers’ smartphones in order to increase construction productivity and safety.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founded: 2014

20. Triax Technologies (spot-r)

Triax Technologies’ spot-r is a wearable technology that provides real-time visibility into the worksite, resulting in faster response to injuries, improved safety performance, and increased productivity.

Headquarters: Norwalk, CT

Founded: 2012

21. GuardHat

GuardHat is an intelligent hard hat wearable that includes fall detection, remote guidance, moving object, and other safety features via their advanced proprietary software.

Headquarters: Birmingham, MI

Founded: 2014


DAQRI produces AR technology to be used on the jobsite, such as smart glasses, smart helmets, and other intelligent gear.

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Founded: 2010

23. busybusy

busybusy allows users to track their team and equipment from a mobile device, and eliminates paper time cards, improves job costing, and simplifies the payroll process.

Headquarters: St. George, Utah

Founded: 2010

24. RealWear

RealWear produces a voice-driven, hands-free, head-mounted solution to connect workers with PDF documents and maintenance and assembly manuals on the job.

Headquarters: Milpitas, CA

Founded: 2016

25. XOEye Technologies

XOEye develops wearable computing technology that provides real-time visual and audible intelligence for the field service industries, as well as the back-end software that organizes and manages the data and content created.

Headquarters: Nashville, TN

Founded: 2013

26. Eyrus

Eyrus invisibly registers, records, and reports tradespeople entering and exiting the jobsite, providing positive worker identity verification via high-security entry structures on work sites. The technology also sends stakeholders real-time trade deployment data. 

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Founded: 2015

27. Redpoint Positioning

Redpoint Positioning’s wearable technology alerts construction jobsite personnel when workers are entering pre-defined hazard zones.

Headquarters: Boston

Founded: 2010



28. Intelliwave Technologies (SiteSense)

Intelliwave Technologies (SiteSense) produces mobile-based software solutions for RFID and GPS identification and tracking of construction materials.

Headquarters: Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Founded: 2007

29. Atlas RFID Solutions (Jovix)

Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to collect, process, and present important information to prevent paper-based material readiness issues on the site.

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL

Founded: 2007

30. BellHawk Systems

BellHawk software uses mobile data collection, barcode scanning, and printing technologies to provide real-time inventory and operations tracking for existing ERP, CRM, and other backend software. 

Headquarters: Millbury, MA

Founded: 1989

31. Ramp

Ramp provides wireless RFID solutions for real-time tracking, locating, and management of assets, inventory, equipment, vehicles, and people.

Headquarters: Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia

Founded: 2005

32. Track’em

Using barcode, RFID, and GPS technologies, Track’em provides material, quality, progress, and time control systems to track and optimize company resources.

Headquarters: Perth, WA

Founded: 2014

33. Concrete Sensors

Concrete Sensors’ — you guessed it — sensors are embedded in concrete prior to pouring and connect with a smartphone to report the concrete’s strength and drying time, preventing the need for removing material to test the concrete.

Headquarters: Boston

Founded: 2015


Environment Monitoring, Cameras, and Gate Monitoring

34. Pillar Technologies

Pillar’s sensors attach to studs, columns, or other structures on the jobsite to detect smoke, dust, and other air issues so that workers can pinpoint problem areas.

Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded: 2015

35. WeatherBuild

WeatherBuild leverages weather data, machine learning, and predictive analytics to increase productivity, enhance safety, and manage risk.

Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

Founded: 2015

36. Global Contractor Guardian

Using wireless sensors, Global Contractor Guardian builds a virtual fence around a jobsite to detect unauthorized entry, smoke, heat, high water levels, and more.

Headquarters: Manitowoc, WI

Founded: 2010

37. TrueLook

TrueLook’s construction camera combines live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and HD security recording. 

Headquarters: Winston-Salem, NC

Founded: 1995


SENSR’s structural monitoring solution measures how a structure responds to loads to allow engineers to evaluate their design early on.

Headquarters: Georgetown, TX

Founded: 2003

39. MSite

MSite is a biometric access security system and construction gate monitor that ensures site adherence to safety and security policies and tracks labor time and attendance.

Headquarters: Liverpool, England

Founded: 2001

40. SoloInsight

Soloinsight provides IoT solutions via an identification platform of integrated software and sensors that helps customers manage security, personnel, assets, and visitors.

Headquarters: Chicago

Founded: 2013


Ground Level Scanners

41. HoloBuilder

HoloBuilder’s scanners offer construction professionals and real estate agents the opportunity to create and share 360° views of their buildings via 360° imagery, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founded: 2016

42. Paracosm

Paracosm is a 3D mapping software company that develops mobile reality capture, progress monitoring, and visualization solutions. They also have a handheld scanning product, the PX-80.

Headquarters: Gainesville, FL

Founded: 2013

43. StructionSite

StructionSite’s construction documentation software integrates with 360° consumer cameras to provide searchable, organized visual documentation to provide accountability and create communication efficiencies for work in-progress on the jobsite.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founded: 2016

44. Matterport

Matterport is a media technology company that builds 3D media solutions that allow users to create, modify, navigate, and build on digital representations of real places.

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

Founded: 2011

45. Imerso

Imerso builds 3D scanning solutions for mobile devices, digitizing real-world spaces into 1:1 3D models in seconds via photo stitching technology.

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Founded: 2014

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