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InnoDraw is a global leader of Laser-Based Digital Measuring and Drawing Technology, tailored for the Do-It-Yourself & Home Improvement, Kitchen, Bath and Bedrooms, Architectural and Countertop industries, with more than 300,000 successful measuring assignments already done in 5 countries!

InnoDraw is unique in that it creates complete, detailed, 2D & 3D drawings right at the job site and sends digital drawings directly to the designers CAD design program. InnoDraw eliminates any extra drawing work (and therefore – any human errors) at the office and enables great savings and reduction in error-related costs! InnoDraw is compatible with the world’s top CAD programs, including 2020, ProKitchen, CabinetVision, AutoCAD and many more!

We are currently seeking strategic partners to become InnoDraw Service Providers. We are also seeking strategic investors to support our expansion to global markets.

Contact us today: sales@innodraw.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Georgia, United States
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Architecture/Design, Building Products, Technology Development

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InnoDraw – Full 3D Measurements

InnoDraw 3D measuring system – using 3D LDM

8.3 3D InnoDraw System for Countertops. Cabinet Top Measurement

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