New Member Spotlight: InnoDraw

As we focus this week on Construction 4.0 and the advances being made in the industry with the aid of transformative digital solutions, we turn our “Around The Network” spotlight on one of our newest members: InnoDraw.

This Israel-based company is a global leader in Laser-Based Digital Measuring and Drawing Technology, tailored for the DIY & Home Improvement, Kitchen, Bath and Bedrooms and Architectural industries.

Their product allows users to create complete, detailed, 2D & 3D drawings directly at the job site and sends digital drawings directly to the designer’s CAD design program. It eliminates any extra drawing work (and therefore – any human errors) at the office and helps error-related costs at a minimum. InnoDraw is compatible with the world’s top CAD programs, including 2020, ProKitchen, CabinetVision and AutoCAD.