About Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation

Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation Inc was formed in April of 2007 to supply the increasing demand for soil stabilization and soil modification throughout the Midwest. Initially a subsidiary of Pease Construction, Rock Solid responded to the growing demand by expanding their expertise in soil modification and restructuring methods, their goal being to save customers valuable time, money, and resources. They soon realized that by pursuing rehabilitative methods and doing jobs in-place that conserved existing materials rather than performing wasteful and costly undercuts, they could build projects that were vastly more efficient, environmentally responsible, and cost effective for their clients.

Recognizing that clients were also looking for help planning projects and solving logistics problems, Jonathan Pease decided to expand the vision and establish Rock Solid as its own business. Using their valuable field experience and accumulated knowledge, Rock Solid has since developed a focus on value engineering—working with clients from the start of their projects all the way to the very end to ensure the best possible outcomes in terms of performance, quality, reliability, safety and use of natural resources.

Rock Solid has operated separately from Pease Construction since its incorporation in 2007, and has performed pulverization, soil stabilization, soil modification, full depth reclamation, and cement treated base projects in over 25 states ranging from California to New York and Texas to North Dakota. Rock Solid has processed over 50 million square yards of unsuitable soil & deteriorating pavement and salvaged nearly 5 million tons of aggregate and pavement on DOT, local agency, and private projects since 2010.

Key Facts

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Specialty & Subcontractor
Genoa City, WI
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Michael Cohn

Vice President

Eric Dame

Marketing Manager