About Silicon Valley Robotics

Silicon Valley Robotics (SVR) supports the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. SVR hosts the Silicon Valley Robot Block Party, networking events, the robotics directory and map, media releases, career section and additional information for members. Silicon Valley Robotics is a 501(c)6 a business league or professional association, representing the robotics cluster of northern California. Silicon Valley Robotics was launched in 2010 by a network of robotics companies in the greater Bay Area including founding members; Adept, Bosch, SRI International and Willow Garage. Rich Mahoney, Director of Robotics at SRI International is the President of the association and Andra Keay is the Managing Director, in charge of daily operation. Membership in Silicon Valley Robotics is now open to organizations and individuals who are directly engaged in robotics and support the aims of the organization. We also welcome affiliates, both as individuals and companies or organizations, who support SVR but are not directly engaged in the production of robots or robotic research and development.