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Venture & Finance Analyst Call

Venture East Conference Preview


10.5.2022 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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BuiltWorld’s Director of Venture Investments will be joined by Cliff and Daniel Fetner (Father & Son, respectively) to discuss some of the generational differences in the building ecosystem and how it’s impacting tech adoption in the space. Cliff will discuss how his 30-year tenure in the construction space, led to the launch of Soil Connect in 2018, with his son Daniel. Then we will turn the focus towards Daniel Fetner, whose seemingly calculated career in real estate & finance led him back to his AEC roots.

The built world is on the edge of a digital renaissance, and we will dive into the hurdles & opportunities from within.

This call features two generations of rising stars in the BuiltWorlds community and will provide just a taste of what to expect at our upcoming Venture East Miami Conference on November 14-15 (two of the many exciting names slated to speak in Miami).

To learn more about Venture East Miami click the link below:


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Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Cliff Fetner

Founder & CEO, Soil Connect

Daniel Fetner

General Partner, Alpaca VC

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