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Venture West Conference


11.8.2018 8:00AM - 6:00PM


Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 1400 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304

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The Encore Event Covering The New Age of Venture Capital in the Built World.

The sold-out Venture Conference in Chicago was a huge hit.

In fact, it was such a huge hit that we’re hosting an encore Venture West Conference in San Francisco on Nov 8.


The Venture West Conference is a full-day premium event that brings together the built world’s leading investors and hottest startups for a deep dive into the trends and themes shaping the new era of Venture in our industry.

25 venture experts. 3+ hours of built-in networking. One small-group BW Insights Workshop. And more.

Venture Experts (Aka Our Speakers)

Kevin Barnes

Vice President & Managing Director, Ferguson Ventures at Ferguson Enterprises

Chris Callen

CEO, Grit Virtual, Inc.

Ryan Coon

CEO, Avail

Gennaro D’Agostino

Chief Capital Officer, The Conti Group

Dustin DeVan

CEO, BuildingConnected

Brandon Dobell

Investment Banking, William Blair

Aaron Edelheit

Chief Strategy Officer, Flo Technologies

Jordan Fudge

Managing Partner, Sinai Ventures

Matt Gagne

Research Manager, BuiltWorlds

Frank Gerber

Advisor and Investor, Centriq Technology

Ralph Gootee

CTO & Co-Founder, PlanGrid

Gabe Greenbaum

Partner, The Pritzker Group

Don Henrich

President, Assemble Systems

Cutler Knupp

Director of Strategy and Technology Investment, The Haskell Company

Eric Lamb

Managing Partner, WND Ventures

Jim Lichtenwalter

News Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Andy Mathis

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Oculus VR

Blake Miller

CEO, Homebase.ai

Zak Schwarzman

Partner, MetaProp

Shane Scranton

Co-founder & CEO, IrisVR

William Schlacks

Head of Product and Engineering, EquipmentShare

Mike Travalini

President of Residential Services, SMS Assist


This event is great for:

Startup CEOs:

They’ve got an amazing new technology that will revolutionize the built industry. They have vision, energy, grit, and a great business plan. They’re only missing one thing – cash.

Executives of Venture Firms:

They are taking the pulse of the industry, scanning the room for the next technology that will make it BIG. They know how to get a business off the ground and bring in major cash.

Leaders of Corporate Innovation Programs and Investment Groups:

They see that technology is constantly changing. At any second, a new trend could disrupt their business. They need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure they are in control of industry changes. They know that the best way to dominate the industry is to invest in cutting-edge tech.


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Opening Remarks

Matt Gray, Co-Founder, BuiltWorlds


Top Investors of 2018

Zak Schwarzman, Partner, MetaProp | Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director, Dreamit | Jordan Fudge, Managing Partner, Sinai Ventures | Moderator: Matt Gagné, Research Manager, BuiltWorlds

BuiltWorlds Insights is on a mission to keep you informed with the latest industry advancements in technology. With 2018 shaping up to be the biggest year for investment into the built tech industry, we are offering up a slew of venture-related Research pieces including our “Venture Investors 50 List” and “Venture in the Built World Research Report” to kick-off the industry’s premier conference for built industry leaders and investors. We’re sitting down with a few investors who made the list and talking through their achievements and experience throughout 2018.


Built Industry Leaders

Kevin Barnes, Vice President & Managing Director, Ferguson Ventures | Eric Lamb, Partner, WND Ventures | Cutler Knupp, Director of Strategy & Technology Investments, Haskell | Gennaro D’Agostino, Chief Capital Officer, ContiGroup | Moderator: Sam Huffman, Partnership Development Manager, BuiltWorlds

Just ten years ago, there were two measly construction technology investments totaling $4.5 million, but these numbers soared to 40 deals with a price tag of $538 million in 2017. Through the first half of 2018, we have already breached the one billion invested dollars milestone. However, it's not just VCs and accelerators that you have to thank for the growing investments. Many industry players have become Strategic Investors in technology in our space. On this panel, we'll hear from industry players about how they approaching investments in the built space, what kind of technology they're most excited about, and why it's important for industry players to be a part of the venture world, too.




Keynote: Rethinking Real Estate

Gabe Greenbaum, Partner, Pritzker Group Venture Capital

Gabe will discuss two recent trends in the intersection of real estate, data and technology and the specific investments he has led in these sectors including SmartVid, Pype, Hightower VTS and Augury. Through a discussion of all phases of the construction process, the talk will capture the ways emerging technologies are solving challenges within the built space. Along the way, Gabe will also cover how Pritzker Group Venture Capital is leveraging its historical domain expertise to make an impact in the space.



Shane Scranton, Co-Founder & CEO, IrisVR | Andy Mathis, Business Development & Partnerships, Oculus | Chris Callen, CEO, Grit Virtual | Moderator: Matt Gagné, Research Manager, BuiltWorlds

Reality altering tools for the AEC industry are becoming increasingly prevalent and cheap, creating a need to understand how they fit into every industry in the built environment. Hear how the immersive experience is changing the industry and investment strategies in the space. During this panel session, the companies leading this groundbreaking technology discuss integration, market size and the future of ConTech.


Fireside Chat with Assemble Systems

Don Henrich, President & CEO, Assemble Systems | Moderator: Jim Lichtenwalter, Journalist, BuiltWorlds

Don Henrich is an accomplished technology veteran in both the MCAD and the AEC industries. As President and CEO of Assemble he brings a distinguished track record of innovation, winning strategies, team building, and the ability to quickly grow revenue and market share. Hear about Autodesk’s recent acquisition of Assemble Systems and their new partnership with the industry’s leader in cloud-based construction technology solutions.




Keynote: #s and $s - A BuiltWorlds Capital Markets Viewpoint

Brandon Dobell, Managing Director, William Blair

Brandon Dobell, Managing Director at William Blair will discuss key metrics for IPO and M&A activity and trends, reasons why companies go public (and why they may not), advantages, disadvantages, considerations, and planning ahead for an IPO or the M&A path while taking a deeper dive into some notable recent transactions in the BuiltWorld space.


Middle & Late Stage Start Ups

Ralph Gootee, Co-Founder & CTO, PlanGrid | Willy Schlacks, Founder, Equipmentshare | Dustin Devan, CEO & Founder, BuildingConnected | Moderator: Jim Lichtenwalter, Journalist, BuiltWorlds

After receiving series A funding, a startup not only has a little money in the bank, but it also has some success in sell a product or solution. But, life after the A round is far different. A lot can change once startups start maturing into middle and later stage ventures. There are more expectations, and organization becomes crucial. Teams and leadership change and fluctuate. In this panel, we talk to the leaders of startups who have moved beyond their series A, and discuss what things change and what the future holds.


Break & Networking


Residential & Multi-Family Investing

Blake Miller, CEO, Homebase.ai | Frank Gerber, Advisor, Centriq Technology | Ryan Coon, Co-Founder, Avail | Aaron Edelheit, Chief Strategy Officer, Flo Technologies | Moderator: Mike Travalini, President - Residential, SMS Assist

The home of the future is here today. Aided by the development of technology, single and multi-family homes are morphing into Jetsonian spaces, complete with integrated, connected technologies. We’ve seen a lot of huge investment plays in this particular space, including Opendoor receiving a cool $400 million investment earlier in October. This panel will focus on how investments are influencing the development of technology in single and multi-family homes.


Investing in Smart Cities


Closing Remarks


Wednesday November 7 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM at DPR Construction

Join us for an intimate evening of drinks, hors-d’oeuvres, and networking with Venture West speakers, special guests, and BuiltWorlds Members.

The event will be held at DPR Construction located at 1450 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA 94063.

We keep the guest list small and the drinks cold so you can focus on making the connections that matter. Space is limited and tickets will sell out.


Contact Alex Maksymec at alex.maksymec@builtworlds.com for the access code.

Venture Exclusives

Demo Day

Our community also loves learning about the start-ups that are operating at the cutting-edge of the built world. So by popular demand, we’ll be organizing an event called Demo Day on Friday Nov. 9, (the day after Venture West), where investors and industry players will be able to hear presentations from start-ups about their new products and services.

We are currently at capacity but you can sign-up for the waitlist below! For the full legal disclaimer for Demo Day, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Waitlist Sign-Up

Deal Book

To help our members get the most value out of this event, we’re going to be distributing a Deal Book to all attendees that will compile posts from the Venture Deal Board. For $500, any start-up can have their deal included in the Venture West Deal Book, even if they don’t plan to attend the conference. The Deal Book will be sent digitally to all attendees and physical copies will be available during the conference. It’s a great way to have a presence at one of our most popular events and get in front of investors specializing in the built space. Contact Sam Huffman at sam.huffman@builtworlds.com  to learn more!

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius 1400 Page Mill Road Palo Alto CA 94304

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