The 19 Biggest Venture Deals of 2017 (and early 2018)

Dovetailing off our Top 27 Venture Players report, we’ve put together the 19 largest AEC and real estate venture rounds of the past year. There were plenty of surprises.

Perhaps first and foremost is that our list kicks off with a $4.4 billion solo investment, which is fairly indicative of the sheer scale of funding entering the built industry. Over the past couple of years, we have seen an increasing number of venture funds turning their focus to AEC and real estate tech. And we expect this momentum to continue, at least while construction industry spending is reaching all-time records ($1.26 trillion in November 2017 as reported by U.S. Census Bureau).

Allow this report to act as a weather vane. Which tech companies have serious wind in their sails and are ready to deliver big in 2018? From WeWork to Blokable, these are the young companies making the biggest waves.

Want additional insight on these deals? You can download the full PDF report with additional analysis at the bottom of the article.


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