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January 16   |   Research Report

AI & Machine Learning in Preconstruction

From big players like Microsoft and Oracle to smaller start-ups like ALICE and PARAFIN, the promise of more a more automated preconstruction process is upon us. We're looking at how AI and machine learning have the ability to run millions of simulations drawing from vast amounts of historical data to find the perfect designs, schedules, and estimates. What are the realities of where this technology is in its development, and what are the near and long term challenges and opportunities.

January 30   |   Research Report

Resiliency in Smart Infrastructure

As cities become more populous and dense, we are more vulnerable to shocks from other humans and from nature. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, human instigated cyber and physical attacks, and other factors put people at increasing risks. What is being done to leverage technology in our power grids, water systems, transportation networks, and data infrastructure to make our cities more resilient to these kinds of shocks.

February 6   |   Top List

Building Tech 50

Apply for the 2019 Building Tech 50 List

In this Top List, we will highlight the leading smart building products and services that advance the operational efficiency of buildings. Within we will categorize companies among 10 categories including: (1) Building Envelope, (2) Asset Management, (3) Lighting, (4) Roof Systems, (5) High Performance Materials, (6) Water, (7) Mobility, (8) Tenant Services, (9) Furniture Systems, and (10) HVAC/Energy Systems.
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February 13   |   Research Report

Advances in Damping Systems in Super Tall Buildings

Building up has been the mentality in many of the worlds largest cities to combat the increasing population density problem. However, as with all things, buildings are also being built leaner and lighter and as such have become more prone to vibrations, which can cause structural issues that lead to damages and bring a new set of safety risks. Join us in diving into the process of damping as a solution to dissipate such energy. 

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February 20   |   Research Report

FinTech in the Built World

Financial technology could solve many of the often over-harped problems plaguing the construction industry including delays, cost overruns, and organization or materials. It seems to be a consensus that adoption and standardization are major pieces holding the industry back and FinTech might be the solution that brings the common goals of every one of a projects stakeholders.

February 27   |   Research Report

Bid Management Systems

Companies like BuildingConnected and HonestBuildings are now competing with established players like ConstructConnect, Oracle, and HCSS for the way projects are put out to bid. We're exploring who the players are in this changing landscape where trillions of dollars in contracts are at stake. What are their differences, and who has the traction at the moment.

MARCH 6   |   Top List

Venture Deals 50

Apply for the Venture Deals of 2018 List

This Top List will dive into the biggest venture deals of the past year (the 2019 List will highlight 2018 deals). This will highlight both investors and the investees, as well as the dollar value and the time of year.
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March 13   |   Research Report

Workforce Report: Coming Soon

We'll be releasing a report focused on our Workforce theme.

March 20   |   Research Report

Future-Proofing Urban Mobility

Technological developments to our transportation systems have transformed the movement of people and goods, especially in urbanized areas. From road sensing and remote monitoring technology to smart parking systems and beyond, this report will explore how we can rethink the design, construction, and operations of transportation infrastructure to support continued urban growth.

March 27   |   Research Report

Built World Investment Report Card

We have tracked how much has been invested into built tech over the past five years and are here to show you the winners and loser. Where has all of that funding gone and how has it been utilized by some of the industry's most promising startups.

April 3   |   Top List

Mavericks 50

Apply for the 2019 Mavericks 25 List

This Top List is to recognize the mavericks of the built environment. We will look to call-out those individuals who have defied boundaries to build a smarter more connected world. These technology pioneers and thought leaders will be categorized as one of the following: (1) Architecture/Design, (2) Cities/Infrastructure, (3) Construction, (4) Engineering, (5) Software Solutions, (6) Real Estate, and (7) Venture/Finance.
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April 10   |   Research Report

Modularization in Construction: 2019 Update

Labor costs comprise 20 - 50% of total project costs. Labor productivity has declined, hours have been increased, and overall output has decreased. In reality, about 50% of current positions in the construction sector can be automated. Modular construction might just be the answer, offering up time savings and process efficiencies only capable through automation.

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April 17   |   Research Report

Startup Business Strategy: Innovation Labs

Launching a successful startup is hard enough with the support you need. This is why innovation houses, accelerator programs, and generally non-financial assistance might be just as important if not more so than typical funding for startups. 

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April 24   |   Research Report

High Performance Warehousing

Warehouses today are looking more like futuristic factories than the simple storage facilities of the past. With innovations like automation and equipment tracking, smarter warehouses are saving companies time and energy while providing safer locations to store one of the largest expenses on a project: equipment.

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May 1   |   TOP LIST

Machines 50

Apply for the 2019 Machines 50 List

This List covers the top tools, equipment, machinery and processes related to our built environment. We will touch on construction automation, hand tools, and everything in between.

May 15   |   Research Report

Emerging Tech & Its Impact on the Specification of Materials

Companies like Ecomedes are changing how we select materials for specifications, while companies like Pype are changing the specifications books, themselves. What are the implications for building materials and products companies looking to be slotted into architects and engineers writing specifications, and contractors bidding and pricing specifications.

May 22   |   Research Report

Workforce Report: Coming Soon

We'll be releasing a report focused on our Workforce theme.

May 29   |   Research Report

Investing in a Bear Market

The investment landscape can at times look drastically different depending on whether we're in a bear or bull market. On the expectation of a market shift headed our way in the coming years, we're taking a look back at prior bear markets and their impact on how our industry's innovative leaders operate.

June 4  |   Research Report

3D Printing in Building Construction

From entire buildings to modular 3D printing, construction giants are realizing the potential for 3D technologies in the future of construction. Companies like Apis Cor have developed revolutionary ideas changing perceptions that the construction of buildings can be different and should be easier.

June 12   |   Research Report

Business Management Systems

Beyond the project lies a complex web of systems that manage the rest of how a design, real estate, construction or architecture firm operates. CRM's, accounting systems, human resource management systems and other applications provide vital information and efficiencies for organizations. We're diving into the leading systems for these processes, what advantages they offer, and how and where they connect with project management and other operational systems.

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June 19   |   TOP LIST

Project Software 50

Apply for the 2019 Project Software 50 List

From big to small, project management software companies have changed the way the construction industry operates. But it’s not just construction that benefits from advancements in this field. Solving problem areas like budgeting, scheduling, RFI proposals, and resource planning, we’re looking to highlight those companies leading the way.

June 22   |   Research Report

Interoperability in Smart Building Technology

Interoperability is the idea that a product or system is completely understood and able to work with other products or systems in either implementation or access, without any restrictions. From engineering firm to construction company, the adoption of emerging technology relies on the idea that systems can speak with one another fluidly and at ease.

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July 10   |   TOP LIST

Infrastructure Tech 50

Apply for the 2019 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

This Top List explores innovative companies that using emerging technology to transform our cities and infrastructure around the world. We will highlight companies along 5 main categories: (1) Communication, (2) Water, (3) Energy, (4) Mobility, and (5) Waste
Click here to view the 2018 List

July 17   |   Research Report

Productivity Tracking & Sampling in the Age of Construction IoT

How do we measure progress on a construction site? How do we track work in order to stay on track and on budget? What products and services have come to market that allow this to be done quicker and with less disruption to the typical construction workflow? We answer all of these questions and more.

July 24   |   Research Report

Digital Government & Development

Digital government and the built world overlap in nearly every case study worldwide. We're digging into the governments that best leverage technology to drive efficiency in dealing with the building industry. Topics covered include: digital building departments, building permits, codes, occupancy, and service coordination, among others.

July 31   |   Research Report

Emerging Technology & Safety in Construction

Safety should be a priority on every construction job. Certain functions on the job site come with significant risk, but luckily there are products and solutions coming to market to address just this. From predictive analytics to tracking and monitoring, the state of business intelligence in preventing accidents has never looked brighter.

August 7   |   Top List

Connected Job Site 50

Apply for the Connected Job Site 50 List

This List will highlight companies that are forging connection and collaboration on the job site. Companies on the list will fall within 6 potential categories: (1) Drones/Mapping, (2) Tools & Equipment/Machinery, (3) People/Collaboration, (4) Materials, (5) Site Monitoring/Safety, and (6) Scanners.
Click here to view the 2018 List

August 14   |   Research Report

WiFi, Cellular & Infrastructure of the Connected Job Site

We've touched on the products in use on the most connected job sites being drones and scanners, among others, but it's equally as important to understand the unsung heroes of the job site: WiFi, cellular, and general connectivity.

August 21   |   Research Report

M&A Activity in Real Estate & Construction

Who are the buyers, why are they buying, and what are they looking for? We'll gain insights from some of BuiltWorld's largest venture-related members on why we are seeing investment in the space and how corporate acquisitions are changing how startups think about valuations.

August 28   |   Research Report

Machines Report: Coming Soon

We'll be releasing a report focused on our Venture theme.

September 4   |   Research Report

High Performance Smart Building Envelopes

As environmental concerns and energy use continue to strain our buildings, the AEC industry fights to answer the demand for more efficient building envelope. As a mediator between the exterior and interior of a building, the envelope takes on many functions impacting the building’s overall performance. Smarter building envelopes offer dynamic adjustments to changing environmental influences and interior requirements throughout the course of a buildings life. 

September 18   |   Research Report

Best Practices in Technology Adoption in Construction

September 25   |   Research Report

Blockchain Applications in Real Estate & Construction

Blockchain has been a topic of mystery for many individuals, how it works, what industries can benefit from it, and what timeline until it demonstrates its commercial use cases. The construction industry has battled with these exact questions and we are here to discover the applications for blockchain in the built world and the emerging tech companies leveraging those technologies to bring new solutions to market.

October 2   |   Top List

Venture Investors 50

Apply for the 2019 Venture Investors 50 List

We’re taking a look at the largest venture investors into the built environment. Here we plan to highlight these investors along a variety of metrics, including dollars invested and number of deals. Included will be strategic investors, accelerators, and venture funds, among others.
Click here to view the 2018 List

October 9   |   Research Report

Global Report: Smart Infrastructure

Our Global Report on Smart Infrastructure will look at case studies from around the world highlighting what is regarded as some of the most successful implementations of smart infrastructure.

October 23   |   Research Report

Global Investment Survey

October 30   |   Research Report

Equipment Management Systems

Equipment management systems are essential to a modern project's workflow. We're looking how emerging technology's are influencing equipment tracking, maintenance, and rental, while diving into the companies that are leading the charge on innovation in this arena.

November 6   |   Top List

Adoption Leaders 50

Apply for the 2019 Adoption Leaders 50 List

This Top List will highlight individuals who hold uniquely technology-driven positions in the built environment. From Chief Technology Officers to Innovation Officers, these leading individuals are demonstrating how our industry is becoming more open to technological advancement than ever before. This will function in tandem with a campaign asking for submissions.
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November 13   |   Research Report

The Future Construction Superintendent

What skills, attributes, and tools will the superintendent of the future bring to the job site? We will be diving into the software and hardware solutions that are changing the role of superintendent and compare to previous decades.

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November 20   |   Research Report

Smart Tools & Wearables: the Connected Worker

The most visible side of the connected job site includes tools and equipment used by those on site to collect and disseminate data and information. We ask one simple question: what is happening at the “Face of Work?”

December 18   |   Top List

Innovation Year-in-Review

Apply for the Innovation Year-in-Review

This List is your one-stop-shop for the biggest news of the previous year surrounding the broad topic of the built environment. We’ll re-cap and highlight major events, adding BW Insights to help the reader better understand how these milestones impacted the industry.
Click here to view the 2018 List

Past Insights

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