2021 U.S. Summit Executive Panel: Establishing a Tech-Driven Culture

In the past, the need for technology adoption in the construction industry was limited. However, as we move forward into a new age of rapid technology innovation, companies must adjust and adapt to the ever-changing environment. With countless new technologies—such as scanners, drones, & artificial intelligence—the path to successfully implementing these new technologies may be overwhelming and seem cloudy for some. But, by establishing a tech-driven culture companies will easily maneuver the fast-paced technology environment, setting their companies up for long-term success. Join us Thursday, September 2nd at the BuiltWorlds’ 2021 U.S. Summit where moderator Kelcey Henderson (CEO, Continuum Advisory Group) will lead a discussion on establishing a tech-driven culture in the workplace with panelists: Clark Ellis (Principle & Co-Founder, Continuum Advisory Group), Les Hiscoe (CEO, Shawmut Design & Construction), Anand (Andy) Gajbhiye (Director of Construction Technologies, Joeris General Contractors), & David Hansen (Cheif Product Officer, Kiewit Corporation).

For this session, we have pulled together a diverse cross-section of perspectives. On the one hand, we have two construction industry executives in Les Hiscoe & David Hansen who are in charge of developing a tech-driven culture in their companies, as well as an actual tech-adopter in Andy Gajbhiye. On the other hand, we have two veteran advisors—Kelcey Henderson & Clark Ellis—whose jobs are to successfully assist companies in their goal to establish a tech-driven culture. In this panel, these leaders will share their experiences—such as the challenges they face, what has worked, the most important lessons they have learned along the way, and what they are doing differently today because of what they have learned. In a world where solutions are proliferating, it is important for companies to remain diligent in their tech adoption. By establishing a tech-driven culture, future challenges that a company may face will be easily overcome.


Our Experts:

Kelcey Henderson, CEO, Continuum Advisory Group

Clark Ellis, Principal and Co-Founder, Continuum Advisory Group

Les Hiscoe, CEO, Shawmut Design & Construction

Anand (Andy) Gajbhiye, Director of Construction Technologies, Joeris General Contractors

David Hansen, Chief Product Officer, Kiewit Corporation

Join us Thursday, September 2nd at the BuiltWorlds’ 2021 U.S. Summit To Learn More About How Your Company Can Establish a Tech-Driven Culture