2023 Venture East Conference Playlist

Unable to attend Venture East last November? We've got you covered with the playlist of panel recordings below. Click on the thumbnails to discover who spoke on which panel.


Keynote: A Deeper Look into how Stanley Ventures Approaches Innovation

Dina Routhier, President of Stanley Ventures, kicked off the conference with Stanley Black & Decker’s approach to external innovation. Dina dove into investment decisions made by the Stanley Ventures team over the past year.

How Will Digitalization Change The Built World?

The future economy is one driven-by complete real-time transparency through ubiquitous digital adoption, and the built environment is at the center of it. This panel session covered how built world innovation is ushering in this modern industrial revolution and what it means for AEC players today.

Sustainability & Profitability Collide in Construction

Sustainability has become a huge concern in the built environment as it accounts for ~40% of total global emissions. This panel discussed the industry hurdles for implementing environmentally friendly innovations and how long-term (and even short-term) profitability expansions can be realized by leveraging sustainable technologies.

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Project Planning & Productivity

This panel exploredsome of the common headaches of AI-driven startups, strategic data management, the role of existing tech stacks, and how startups and investors can speak the same language around AI innovation and integrations in AEC. These topics will be couched in a dialogue that centers around how AI can be applied to enhance project planning and productivity.

Finding Balance Between Standardization & Customization in the World of Prefab & Modular Construction

The world of construction is becoming hyper focused on leveraging modular & prefabricating building solutions to streamline the building process. This panel dissected the industrializing world of construction addressing the delicate balance between standardization & customization.

Corporate Leaders Unique Approaches to Accelerating Built World Innovation

Corporate accelerator & incubator programs have become a primary source of innovation development in the post-pandemic built world as leading players begin to recognize the competitive necessity of being a part of this digital transformation. This panel discussed the importance of these initiatives and how corporate innovators are really at the core of this industry's technology adoption curve necessary to advance the built environment.

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The State of Built World Innovation in Latin America

This panel discussion will assess the maturation of the innovative ecosystem of the Latin American built world. This panel is sponsored by Leonard by VINCI (VINCI's External & Internal Innovation Team).

Financing Robotics & Heavy Equipment Startups

Investing in expensive new equipment & robotic solutions has slowed down in recent quarters as the seemingly boundless free flowing Venture Capital of 2021 and early-2022 has begun to dry up as soaring interest rates drive down investor's risk tolerance. This panel will discuss unique ways in which hard tech in the built world is being funded today and how the landscape for capitally intensive startups in this industry is evolving.

Exit Strategies For AEC Founders

This panel discussion will assess the maturation of the innovative ecosystem of the Latin American built world. This panel is sponsored by Leonard by VINCI (VINCI's External & Internal Innovation Team).

Learn From BuiltWorlds' Top Investors of 2023

This panel will feature some of the most influential investors of the past year. This group of leading built-world investors will provide the audience with valuable insights into this nuanced investment space today and where they see it heading.