Construction Robotics: Innovations to Seamlessly Integrate Jobsites to BIM Workspaces

Credit: HILTI Jaibot

As the construction industry struggles with labor shortages, robotics is bringing construction methods into the 21st century. This Wednesday, April 28th at 10 am CT, examine real-world applications of how job sites leverage robots with input from digital BIM spaces to succeed in complex construction activities. Call led by HILTI Jaibot and Gafcon.

Robotics in the Construction Industry

The construction industry understands the value added by assigning monotonous workflows to robotics; robots work alongside human counterparts. Many robotics can be set up through an IoT network to communicate BIM drawings as the machine accomplishes tasks in real-time. This connectivity reduces the tautological work of transferring BIM information to construction sites, limiting errors and improving build quality. Many robots can read input from BIM drawings, shrinking the gap between our digital and physical workspaces.

Credit: Gafcon

Automated Drilling Robots

Hilti’s semi-automated drilling robot Jaibot is taking construction automation to the next level, with significant jobsite productivity gains. Using digital plans, Jaibot marks and drills holes and relieves contractors’ strenuous and monotonous overhead drilling tasks. The process permits them to improve construction operations by guiding the construction robot. Discussion led by Aidan Maguire, Business Unit Manager.

Credit: HILTI Jaibot

From Hilti

Meet Jaibot, a semi-autonomous robotic drilling system for overhead MEP installations. In this call we will introduce this exciting new robotic solution, explore the design considerations and changes to traditional processes required to deploy this technology and discuss the impact of using this technology on health, safety and productivity.

Integrating BIM to Jobsite Robots

How can value be added by integrating these jobsite tools to digital BIM models in the age of IoT-connected tools, robotics, and machinery? Gafcon manages complex construction activities, providing technology management solutions to streamlines work activities and promote an ecosystem of connectivity. Learn how BIM models can become “robot readable” to improve the value autonomous robotics can bring to chaotic construction jobsites. Discussion led by John Niles, Technology Consultant.

Credit: Gafcon

From Gafcon

How to get more value from your BIM? By extending the usage of BIM, we can greatly increase its value, spread out modeling costs and lower the cost of construction.

We plan to discuss innovation initiatives in BIM to make robots enabled by BIM deliver substantial savings on projects, make sites safer, and to contribute to the digital lifecycle.

At Gafcon we are Owner focused, software agnostic system integrators.  We create digital twin owner focused solutions and services to meet our client’s needs.

Automation, Robotics, & BIM

With an increasing focus on worker safety, condensed project schedules, and industry-wide worker shortages, developers and contractors find more value in having robots accomplish workstreams alongside contractors. Join us on April 28th and learn from real examples how the industry uses digital and robotic technology to improve productivity and how contractors are using this competitive advantage.