Around The Network: Aquicore Launches the First-Ever Comprehensive Solution for Real Estate Managers to Collect Accurate Energy Data from Triple-Net Leased Properties

BuiltWorlds member Aquicore, a leading ESG data and analytics platform for real estate, recently announced the release of AQ Benchmarking, a first-of-its kind product offering aimed at solving a key challenge for commercial real estate portfolio owners. Aquicore will now provide the first-ever comprehensive solution to owners of triple-net leased properties, including industrial properties, for collecting, aggregating, and submitting accurate and timely energy data for ESG benchmarking, reporting, and compliance.

Building owners need energy data to set and track energy and carbon reduction targets and to satisfy ESG disclosure requirements. Acquiring it from triple-net leased properties has been a longstanding challenge. Under triple-net lease structures, tenants control access to their energy data, and building owners encounter material tenant privacy issues when trying to collect and aggregate data. For owners with industrial, retail, and/or multifamily holdings, this creates significant obstacles to achieving portfolio-wide ESG goals.

“Real estate investors are under increasing pressure to report and disclose their ESG performance, regardless of asset type. Gaps may have been acceptable two years ago, but the dynamics in the market are very different now.” says Cleve Adams, Aquicore’s Chief Executive Officer. “Up to this point, industrial properties and other ‘triple-net’ assets have been a blind spot in many portfolios, due to site-by-site complexities that have made reliable data access virtually impossible.”

AQ Benchmarking is the only solution that addresses the triple-net challenge by supporting multiple energy data collection methodologies, ranging from capturing aggregate utility data to directly streaming investment-grade meter data. This uniquely comprehensive approach, tested and refined throughout Aquicore’s history of successful portfolio-wide deployments, enables real estate teams to acquire the highest quality energy data and achieve 100% data coverage while protecting tenant privacy. As part of Aquicore’s cloud-based ESG data and analytics platform, AQ Benchmarking allows users to monitor energy performance trends, set and track ESG targets, and have data submitted automatically to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager for benchmarking through a native software integration.

“We hear from our clients time and time again how difficult it is to get accurate data from their industrial and triple-net assets,” says Adams. “AQ Benchmarking eliminates the barriers to data collection while ensuring the highest degree of data quality and timeliness. We’re thrilled to provide the first effective solution to this very urgent problem for the industry.”

Aquicore is currently offering AQ Benchmarking alongside its AI-powered AQ Analytics product offering, which enables real estate organizations to build and execute comprehensive action plans to meet portfolio-wide ESG and carbon goals. Powered by robust data collection, project identification algorithms, and an industry-leading client services team of building experts, AQ Analytics helps real estate ESG professionals and site teams identify, execute, and validate the impact of cost-effective energy- and emissions-savings projects portfolio-wide.

All Standard and above BuiltWorlds members are invited to join us at our BuiltWorlds Venture West Conference in Palo Alto, CA from March 9th through 10th. Cleve Adams will be a panelist on the “Smart Buildings Health Check” on Day One along with Laurent Grill of JLL Spark and Louis Schotsky of Navitas Capital. The panel will be moderated by Wan Li Zhu of Suffolk Technologies. We hope to see you there!