AROUND THE NETWORK: TITAN Cement Group launches Venture Capital initiative with investments in Zacua Ventures and Rondo Energy

BuiltWorlds member, Titan Group, announces the launch of a Venture Capital initiative aimed at fostering innovation within the construction ecosystem. Through this initiative, TITAN aims to invest up to $40 million in the medium term and forge partnerships to bolster its growth strategy.

In a bid to gain early exposure to disruptive technologies, TITAN has invested in BuiltWorlds Member Zacua Ventures, an early-stage global venture fund focused on sustainable construction and the Built Environment. Additionally, TITAN has expanded its existing investment in Rondo Energy, a US-based pioneer in zero-carbon industrial heat solutions. These investments align with TITAN’s objectives of integrating innovative products, services, and materials into its operations and solutions offering, driving growth and competitiveness, and accelerating the accomplishment of its sustainability and digitalization goals.

Leonidas Canellopoulos,TITAN Group’s Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, commented: “We are committed to embracing innovation and fresh perspectives. By engaging with ConTech and GreenTech startups through direct and indirect investments, as well as collaborations, we intend to forge more partnerships in the sector.”

TITAN’s investment in Zacua Ventures stems from a shared vision of sustainability in construction. The development of pioneer, zero-carbon building materials, the optimization and automation of manufacturing processes, and the capitalization on Construction 4.0 capabilities are just a few examples of areas of joint interest to TITAN and Zacua Ventures. The partnership enables TITAN to connect with Zacua’ s portfolio companies, gaining access to innovative technologies and insights into emerging trends. The portfolio companies, on the other hand, benefit from TITAN’s expertise, resources, and customer networks, as well as from support in scaling up production and distribution.

TITAN’s increased support for Rondo underscores its commitment to next-generation heat production solutions as part of its net zero strategy. The partnership will focus on developing concepts for industrial decarbonization, including in cement manufacturing. TITAN will contribute its deep industry knowledge and expertise in sustainable and digital manufacturing and Rondo will bring its unique innovation in industrial decarbonization and contribute a robust global partner ecosystem. Rondo’s Heat Battery technology is central to this partnership. The technology captures renewable energy to produce continuous high temperature heat, significantly reducing emissions from fossil fuel consumption. As a result, the Rondo Heat Battery can become a critical component of novel energy-intensive processes for decarbonization, such as carbon capture, green hydrogen generation and conversion of captured CO₂. Exhibiting twice the efficiency of hydrogen at less than half the cost, the Rondo Heat Battery has a high scalability potential that is cost competitive to current energy storage methods.

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