AROUND THE NETWORK: Acciona Awarded Multiple Projects Aimed at Sustainability Efforts Across the Globe

BuiltWorlds 2023 Global Innovators List  highlights companies who have a global presence and are internally pushing innovation efforts forward. Spain-based contracting giant Acciona was named as a leader in infrastructure and energy efforts within the list. With an annual revenue of over $12b and a presence in over 40 countries, it’s easy to see why they are considered one of the top innovating companies within the AEC space.

Recently Acciona has been awarded some major contracts for projects that further show how this company is contributing to a better built world.

Acciona’s entire goal per their website is to, “make a positive contribution to society and to the planet, providing sustainable solutions to the most urgent issues such as global warming and water scarcity”. The contracting company was recently awarded three separate projects that span 3 continents aimed at the heart of their goal of sustainability.

Water Scarcity – According the UN, approx. 3.5 million people die each year due to water scarcity. For those of us living in developed parts of the world, it might be hard to imagine not having constant access to clean water. However, when you look at underdeveloped parts of the world, the issue becomes more visible. According to National Geographic, Africa is listed as the continent the currently has the largest issue when it comes to accessible clean drinking water for its inhabitants.

Acciona, in partnership with two Moroccan firms, recently won a contract worth almost 800 million euro to build what will be the largest desalinization water plant in all of Africa. This plant will create nearly half a million gallons of drinkable water per day using a process that can clean water directly from the ocean.

Solar – In the first quarter of this year, Acciona will break ground on a 380MW solar power plant in Australia. The project is expected to take 18 months total to complete. Once finished, the power generated from the solar farm will be used to power a hydrogen power plant operation being headed up by the Stanwell Corporation which is expected to begin commercial operations in 2028.

Wind – Another project aimed at harnessing renewable energy is a recently awarded contract Acciona received to build a 160 MW wind farm in the Phillipenes. Acciona will partner with Freya Renewables to build the wind farm within a 150km area north of Manila.

Join us this September as we take our first trip north of the border to see how Canadian contractors like Acciona, EllisDon and others are pushing a more sustainable future for the built world.

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