Behind the Dazzle of Equipment Makers at CES Lies an Industry Slow to Adopt

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas ended a couple weeks ago, but still has us curious.

Some of the biggest brands in construction equipment showed up with their latest products – including Caterpillar with an electric underground mining loader, Doosan Bobcat with an electric skid-steer loader and notably HD Hyundai with a splashy booth featuring its unmanned, fully electric excavator.

On the pathway to better solutions, it makes good sense for these major manufacturers to engage directly with the type of technology companies that make an appearance at CES. “We’re tech too,” summarized Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat, in an interview with Construction Briefing.

And so? According to BuiltWorlds ‘ research, the appeal is there – we just need adoption to catch up. 

For example, our 2023 Benchmarking data on tools, equipment and robotics reflect a rising interest in robotics for the construction industry. 74% of survey respondents indicated that their company has adopted a robotics solution in some capacity. 

Still 44% of companies that have adopted a robotics solution reported that they are currently testing them out on a few projects, while only 7% of respondents indicated that their firm is using a robotics solution across every project. 

These figures suggest that, while there is a large interest in robotics, contractors and construction firms are only just beginning to integrate robots into their workflows. Adoption rates for robotics solutions are likely to remain high and implementation rates are projected to continue climbing in the coming years.

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