Benchmarking Breakthroughs: Key Takeaways From BuiltWorlds 2024 Field Solutions Research

BuiltWorlds’ latest series of research reports covers field solutions, the on-site tools and technologies that keep projects and jobsites running efficiently. A notable takeaway is the transformative surge of the reality capture market, driven by the integration of advanced AI technologies. Recent investments in reality capture solutions, with two-thirds incorporating AI, underscore the rapid adoption of these cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, survey data reveals three-quarters of respondents are utilizing site capture software, reflecting the growing reliance on these tools. Furthermore, half of the respondents are leveraging multiple providers for hardware and software components, highlighting a trend towards specialized solutions.

Reality Capture Market Expands With Advanced AI Technologies

  • In 2023 and 2024 alone, BuiltWorlds venture dashboard has tracked 18 investment rounds for reality capture technology solutions worldwide, 12 of which incorporate artificial intelligence.
  • Over three-quarters of 2024 Field Solutions Survey respondents indicated that they use site capture software to some extent.
  • Half of the respondents to this year's survey stated that they use one or more providers for reality capture hardware and a separate provider for the software components.


Field Solutions Tech Specialties (42)

Contractors Are Testing Out Point Systems For Managing Site Logistics

  • Survey respondents identified 11 different technology solutions used for site logistics/site management purposes.
  • Out of the respondents who indicated using a solution to some degree, nearly half were piloting solutions. Several respondents who regularly use a site logistics/site management solution indicated they are piloting a solution in addition to their current solution.
  • Since 2021, BuiltWorlds has monitored the construction tech industry and identified 17 investments for 17 different companies with site logistics/site management or field management solutions.


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Workforce Management Solution Ratings Improve Across All Evaluation Categories

  • There were significant jumps in ratings for adoption/utilization, collaboration with stakeholders, certification and compliance management, and labor productivity tracking.
  • Bridgit Bench emerged as the most implemented workforce management solution this year for the second year in a row and had the highest ratings across all solutions for ease of use, schedule planning & forecasting, and software platform UX/UI.
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