Breaking: Flux Shifts Direction, New Platform Due Mid-Year


Flux, a data sharing platform for construction and design, has announced that they will bring their suite of tools offline on March 31. This will not, however, mark the end of Flux’s involvement in the built environment. Rather, the company has ambitious plans to utilize their existing platform and resources to build a new solution for a different subset of users in the marketplace.

In describing Flux’s upcoming shift in direction, CEO Jamie Roche detailed how the company initially approached the issues of the building industry by creating advanced AI solutions that cut through the fat of systemic inefficiencies. “What we learned is that in building, it is hard to tell the difference between fat and grease,” Roche said.

Through these endeavors, the company gained insight on how (and how not) to employ advanced technology to improve building. As Roche describes it, “until the industry is ready to revolutionize its processes, relationships, and contracts, it may be too soon to offer an end-to-end data sharing solution,” adding, “for now we will focus on a subset of the community that directly benefits from technology-driven efficiency improvements.”

Fortunately for Flux, having raised in the neighborhood of $40 million, a considerable amount of their funding remains to achieve new goals and reach new heights for the company. While their current interoperability tools will go offline at the end of March, Flux will be hard at work designing solutions for real estate portfolios – the initial step in the implementation of their upcoming platform.

“The construction industry will look very different in 10 years and technology will play a huge part,” Roche said. “We will continue to define a future where ideas and data flow freely and are accessible when and where needed to provide a better built environment.” Hence, as they always have been, Flux has their eye on the future of the built world. Their new platform is slated for release in mid-2018.