Day One Building Conference: Emerging Technology in Planning and Design

Credit: Microsoft

We met Tuesday, April 6 from 9:00 am – 12:15 pm CT and reviewed advances in technologies that impact how we plan buildings, from architecture to engineering and developers to preconstruction. This panel serves as a bridge for digital solutions.

Evolving Technologies in Construction

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and digital modeling are some areas that have seen profound advances in the face of fast-emerging technologies. We explored case studies with discussions on the most promising solutions and how they are changing how developers, owners, contractors, architects, and engineers support planning, design, and value engineering in the preconstruction phase.


From design optioneering to augmented reality, generative design to automated design reviews in BIM, new technology-assisted solutions are appearing to aid developers, architects, engineers, and contractors in the design phase.

Credit: Microsoft


With labor shortages and rising raw material costs, a major challenge in construction is to keep projects within budget. New technologies are assisting project teams to create realistic budgets, deliver designs within budget constraints, and deliver final projects within budget during construction.

Credit: Autodesk


Sequencing schedules, workflows, and building construction processes is essential for successful project delivery. Enhanced scheduling techniques (e.g., 4D construction sequencing) can help keep projects on track and on time.

Credit: Join

The Experts

  • Salla Eckhardt, Director, Microsoft
  • Jeff Samples, Head of Communications, Join
  • Robert Ioanna, Sr Principal, Syska Hennessy Group
  • Bob Bray, GM Autodesk Tandem, Autodesk
  • Brian Nahas, Sr Digital Design Manager, Mortenson Construction
  • Stephen Forte, CEO, The BuildClub
  • Jacob Dalbora, Managing BIM-FM Director, McVeigh and Mangum Engineering
  • James Swanston, CEO, Voyage Control
  • John Stebbins, Principal BIM Integrator, Gafcon
  • Grant McCullagh, Thornton Tomasetti
  • John Parkinson, Lecturer of Construction Administration, Columbia University School of Professional Studies
  • Dustin DeVan, CEO, Awair
Credit: The BuildClub