Insights from the Venture East Pre-Event Forum Meetings

The Venture East Conference pre-events began today with two monthly forum meetings: the Venture Forum and the E&C Technology Adoption Forum. After insightful conversations and presentations, our analyst team has pulled overarching themes and key take aways from each meeting. Read below to hear what was at the forefront of the E&C Technology Adoption Forum and learn how to get involved with leading innovators in the industry.

November E&C Tech Adoption Forum

To kick off the BuiltWorlds 2022 Venture East Conference in Miami, Florida, the E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum met as part of the Pre-Conference events. The forum was joined by Jack Moran, Director of VDC and Integrated Services at Consigli, in a session titled “Incubating your Next Solution.” 

To start the meeting, Jack presented two Case Studies on Consigli’s adoption of innovative solutions—Manufacton and Rugged Robotics. Manufacton is a cloud-based supply chain management solution designed to support prefab/offsite construction and installation, whereas Rugged Robotics is a robot used primarily for layout and quality control. As Jack said, “the best innovations are going to come from real problems,” which is why Consigli uses a pragmatic approach to innovation and provides a platform for all employees to call attention to problem areas they face daily. 

Though Manufacton and Rugged Robotics are notably different solutions, they each solve real-world problems, which is why Consigli took them on. In both cases, Consigli made ‘modest’ investments to have skin in the game. In addition to supporting startups in the ConTech space, Consigli saw ROI in the form of promoting innovation discussions and increasing the accuracy of layouts. Jack’s primary focus isn’t necessarily on seeing monetary returns immediately but on the learning experience and pushing both Consigli and the industry forward.

The E&C Forum is a private forum for the technologists leading the tech adoption in their engineering and construction companies to share best practices, dialogues around the benchmarking and surveying program, and explore best practices with each other. Access to this group is by invitation only and restricted to leaders of technology initiatives at Engineering and Construction Companies. Learn more about the forum below.

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