You be the Judge: DDCM by Workshop MG

You be the Judge: DDCM by Workshop MG

| April 22, 2015

It’s Earth Week, so what better time to meet several industry startups with a clever approach to reusing, re-purposing, recycling, re-energizing and revitalizing our built environment. Five creative young firms will be presenting this Thursday, April 23, at BuiltWorlds‘ inaugural Judgment Night, sponsored by The Private Bank. Let’s continue meeting our contestants. Next up…Digital Design Criteria Manual!

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Digital Design Criteria Manual – This cloud-based retail information delivery platform for Owners, Landlords, and Retailers was developed by WorkShop-MG. The firm’s CEO Michael Greeby says DDCM can also be deployed on commercial real estate projects to facilitate design and construction because it solves five key shortcomings of the traditional paper and .pdf manuals typical to the industry. For instance, with search capabilities integrated into the system, it can save users 15 minutes every time they utilize the platform. In this way, and others, DDCM dramatically increases project collaboration and information accuracy, while reducing costs.

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