Saint-Gobain’s Sustainability Podcast Aims for Accessibility to Capture Broad Audience

Every industry has its techno-speak and sustainable construction is no different. Clinkerization? Embodied emissions? Xeriscaping?

These terms may be familiar to sustainability-focused AEC professionals, but that’s not the audience global construction giant Saint-Gobain is after with its podcast Constructing New Wor(l)ds, which launched earlier this year and recently added 20 newly-edited episodes.

Lucie Jeudy, communications specialist at Saint-Gobain, says the podcast is aimed at the broader public with the goal of making the topic accessible to anyone with interest in sustainable construction. So far listeners have played about 200,000 episodes, she reports, citing the short episode length (about 5-6 minutes long) and journalist hosts as part of the easy appeal.

Each episode of Constructing New Wor(l)ds addresses a single sustainability term, breaking it down into layman’s language and explaining its importance to the built world. In addition to those mentioned above, topics include cogeneration, passive building and urban mining, among others.

The podcast is available in English on public podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify.