Site Safety Tech Goes Mobile – A Recap of BuiltWorlds’ June 5 Site Safety Analyst Call

The analyst call on June 5 centered on Site Safety Technology, a crucial aspect of managing a jobsite to ensure safety, productivity, and overall success.

The session featured a preview of our site safety field solution data collected through the BuiltWorlds benchmarking program, and guest presentations from the CEOs of two site safety solutions. We heard from Paul Cardis, co-founder and CEO of On3, and David Ward, co-founder and CEO of Safe Site Check-In.

Research Preview - Site Safety Technology Solutions

BuiltWorlds' Field Solutions Survey closes Friday, June 7, and preliminary data shows that 60% of contractors surveyed use a dedicated site safety solution to streamline site safety management. 36% of those noted using a specific solution on every project.

Of those who use site safety technology regularly, respondents reported that the top 3 use cases for solutions are features for incident prevention, maintainence and storage of accurate incident records, and compliance monitoring on jobsites.

Stay tuned for the Site Safety Tech Specialty report, publishing on Thursday, June 13.

On3 is a comprehensive tech solution offering adaptive, micro-learning modules designed to reduce risk and save lives. It provides a customizable content experience, supports dual content creation, and allows companies to deploy and search content efficiently. The On3 Create feature enables users to develop their own learning modules. The Field Learning app, On3's mobile application, is company-branded and customizable, offering instant access to training for field teams. This approach promotes "learning by doing" directly on the jobsite. The app includes features such as ToolBox talks, the ability to record work and receive feedback, and a practice and review training methodology. Additionally, the platform facilitates evidence gathering and documentation for audits and offers a robust reporting system accessible via an app or website, with API integration to other systems.

Cardis demonstrated On3’s knowledge check capacity, an AI-enabled chatbot that checks for knowledge and ability through quick, casual conversations within the application. The platform then collects and analyzes the knowledge of the worker, which is stored in the worker's file to enable further learning opportunities.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 113259
Screenshot 2024-06-05 113121

On3's interactive coaching capabilties feature a chatbot-style coaching and knowledge check feature (left). Users and supervisors can check their progress within the application (right).

Safe Site Check-In is a versatile jobsite management platform dedicated to creating safer work environments. It uses QR codes on phones or tablets for streamlined project plan completion, safety screenings, health checks, and site condition assessments. The platform tracks attendance at safety training meetings and videos, facilitates safety communications, and allows easy access to safety documents. Integrated with Procore, Safe Site Check-In offers robust safety recordkeeping for incident-related data and enhances jobsite security by preventing unauthorized access. It also manages subcontractors and connects back to project management platforms, serving as a single source of truth for jobsite management.


Safe Site Check-in's application offers comprehensive multi-site awareness. Users can easily manage multiple locations, check-in logs, dashboards, and more.

Ready for further discussions on site safety?

BuiltWorlds' upcoming Construction Tech Conference will feature a site safety management-focused panel, where expert panelists from contractors and tech companies will engage in a discussion on mitigating risk on jobsites through technology.

Interested in attending? Learn more about the event and view the full agenda here.

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