Takeaways from the APTIM Leadership Conference

This week, four members of the BuiltWorlds team hosted a booth at the APTIM Leadership Conference in Houston. APTIM is one of the nation’s premier providers of industrial maintenance, environmental services, and design-build services. The trip gave BuiltWorlds the opportunity to network with APTIM leaders, which was great preparation for the first meeting of the BuiltWorlds Future Workforce Forum coming up on February 15. In addition, the BuiltWorlds crew had the chance to catch up with Genesis Dimensions and learn from a previous Machines conference speaker about the latest technology for automating construction.

The BuiltWorlds booth at the APTIM Leadership Conference.

At the APTIM Leadership Conference, BuiltWorlds saw exemplary company leadership in action. APTIM CEO Gary Baughman, who will be speaking at the BuiltWorlds Summit, successfully inspired his team and outlined company goals. One of the ways that APTIM educated company leaders about internal resources was through a company trade show, in which BuiltWorlds participated.

Almost every APTIM leader visited the BuiltWorlds booth at the trade show, where the BuiltWorlds team informed conference attendees about opportunities to leverage the network. APTIM leaders enthusiastically registered for the BuiltWorlds newsletter and noted which conferences they planned to attend. When connecting with APTIM, one thing was abundantly clear: with APTIM you can “Expect the Extraordinary.”

While in Houston, the BuiltWorlds team also stopped by Genesis Dimensions, whose CEO Kaleb Steinhauer will be speaking at the BuiltWorlds Machine conference. Genesis Dimensions recently developed a robot that prints 3D structures. Steinhauer related that other companies that have “tried to 3D print a building on site, but they do it with concrete and it doesn’t work, so we came up with our ICF-like approach.”

The Genesis machine prints a wall system, similar to the ICF model, out of Genesis’ proprietary material. The walls can then be filled with concrete or more of Genesis’ of that material. Steinhauer told BuiltWorlds that Genesis structures “will look like an ICF building, but the construction process will be fully automated.” The next step for Genesis is to scale the 3D printer up, giving it a 100-foot arm capable of building warehouses. Steinhauer said that Genesis is making extraordinary progress on the robot. “I come from the venture capital world,” he said. “I know how long it takes to start a company. We’re moving so fast!”

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