2 Overarching Takeaways from VINCI’s recent LATAM-focused Reports

BuiltWorlds is excited to return to Miami for the 2023 Venture East Conference this November. Our comprehensive event is dedicated to covering global venture investing and venture capital insights within the realm of construction and emerging technologies in the build world.

BuiltWorlds member, Leonard by VINCI, will be leading a panel at Venture East called, "The State of Built World Innovation in Latin America". VINCI will present findings from their first study on Contech in Latin America that unpacks innovative construction technologies that are present within the LATAM region. Robert Rocha Bohorquez, Managing Director of Soletanche Bachy Cimas, will present the “Contech LATAM” study carried out by Leonard and Peruvian consultancy Digital Bricks on innovative technologies in the Latin American construction sector. This study has been developed in partnership with the esteemed Peruvian consultancy Digital Bricks. Read below to uncover key findings from the report, and to learn more about VINCI.

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2 Findings from Leonard by VINCI's Contech LATAM Report

1. Changes Need to be Made to Enable Further Reach for ConTech Solutions within LATAM

  • A large pushback for having ConTech initiatives and projects within LATAM is the budget that is need to fund them. Currently, local state laws are beginning to be implemented within the region that allow for finance or promote this innovation. There has already been a significant amount of interest within the private sector to finance and promote ConTech solutions, so it is vital to have their expertise and support as public policy begins to pass in favor of further state-led initiatives.
  • Change management is key for disrupting the traditionalist mindset that stifles innovative solutions within the AEC space. In order to do this, there must be tactical organizational culture changes within the space to make the transition from older tech solutions into innovative tech as seamless as possible.

2. Legislative Action is impacting solutions

  • The interest in sustainability-focused solutions is only rising within the built world. With many countries tightening their environmental laws, it will be of the best interest for companies to begin to grow their investments within Green Tech solutions in accordance with state laws.
  • With new legislation on the near horizon of LATAM, BIM is set to become a top solution within the region. The adoption of this tech will also be a key resource in enhancing both accessibility and collaboration for projects within the industry too.

As an investor, builder, and operator of buildings and infrastructure, VINCI plays a key role in the transformation of cities and regions. Drawing on the entrepreneurial energy of our 260,000 employees, its immediate goal of advancing internal construction practices and work ethic will inevitably carry that same built innovation across the planet.

Leonard is VINCI's foresight and innovation platform. Set up to invent and serve the Group's future business activities, Leonard is in charge of tracking emerging trends, identifying long-term challenges and goals, pinpointing opportunities for change in the Group's businesses and organizational structure, identifying new growth drivers and developing innovative project incubation and acceleration programs open to both Group employees and startups.

Last November, VINCI was honored as a 2022 Global Innovator. This list is made up of 50 leading AEC organizations that have played an industry-advancing role and have aided the built environment for the future. The BuiltWorlds team is currently accepting applications to be featured within our 2023 Global Innovators 50 Toplist, which is highlighted below.

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